I love shooting at The Mount! There is something so special about this place, even in the rain. As I always say shooting in the rain is a challenge but I’m always up for it. I think it forces you to really work smart and get even more creative. That being said, I love this collection of images below. Working with Annie and Michael has been a breeze and I can’t thank them enough for having us. We wish them all the best in the years ahead and a big CONGRATS!!


September 3, 2017..

Love the rooms in the Kemble Inn..

Finishing touches from Annie’s Mom.


First look with Dad!

Off to The Mount we go!

When we got to The Mount it was raining pretty hard…

so we opted for a covered first look..

thankfully The Mount has so much beauty we were able to shoot everywhere.

Still raining but covered!

So cute.

No umbrella in between the light rain drops..

Classic shot on the lime walk..

Love this series.

Gotta get that shot for instagram…

Ceremony time!

Mr & Mrs…

After ceremony the rain stopped…

So we capitalized on the moment.

The location where their ceremony was originally planned to be..

more favorites.

The friends.. they do this shot at all the weddings.

The gorgeous reception space!

Party time!

1st dance..


Congrats to Annie + Michael!

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