another well wed cover…

Just wanted to let you all know another one of my images makes the cover of Well Wed Magazine, thats two in a row! You can also see our photography throughout the magazine. We have two separate editorials on pages 96-112 & 152-155. Our photos can also be seen in ads throughout the magazine in this order, Fleurtacious Designs, Something Bleu Bridal, New York Players, The Sagamore, Kim Klopstocks The Lilly & the Rose, & Cameo Couture. I want to thank those vendors for using our images, it truly is flattering.

Now since August 29, 2007 I have been sitting on these images but since the magazines out I can finally share them with you. I gotta give a shout out to the models Campbell & Anne for being troopers from 10am – 6pm while temperatures reached 87º. Its nice to think about an August day in mid January. Anyway these are some of my favorite images.

Look for us this weekend, read post below for more info.

Peace –

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