OK! We’re back! I decided to take last week off from the blog. Thanksgiving week is usually light on blog traffic so I thought why not? Plus, I wanted to save this blog post for a week when everyone’s back at work because thats where you blog stalk from right? I’m excited to share one of the area’s newest venues in this blog post. Key Hall at Proctors is pretty awesome. It’s an old bank turned into a reception hall. The best thing about it is the folks at Mansion Catering are attached to it. What more could you ask for?

When Ashley contacted us to shoot her wedding she basically took what little availability we had in November and picked a date. I must say I was flattered! Little did we know Schenectady was having their Christmas parade that day!! I mean seriously who throws a Christmas parade the Saturday before Thanksgiving?? Anyway the streets were packed! It was all good because there was a great energy in the air. I decided we just use the streets of Schenectady for first look and all the other photos. I’m stoked with the results. After all, I love me some city shots! Did I mention it was pretty cold too? Word. It was frosty out there. No worries though, Brian would give Ashley his coat in between shots. My favorite part of the whole bride and groom portrait session was when we went out into the middle of the parade route. There was no way I was going to pass that up! Anyway after that we headed to the beautiful St Johns Church for a wedding! After the knot was tied we headed to Key Hall at Proctors. What a venue! I can’t wait to shoot here again. DJ Mike Garrasi of Music Man Entertainment was in the house which means the party was hopping! We also worked with Al Woodard for like the hundredth time this season but I’m not complaining! I must say this was a great one! Ashley and Brian, thank you both SO MUCH for choosing us before you chose your date. Again, its flattering and means a lot to us. We really enjoyed spending November 19, 2011 with you both! Congrats!


Fun shoes..

getting her pretty on..

A little emotional here as she got dressed..

Out on State St..

Don’t we get lucky with all these beautiful brides??

One more..

Brian, looking sharp. Nice job on the hand tied bow tie.

The guys.. Key Hall is the building with the columns behind them..

First look!

The bridal party.. one of my favorite bridal party shots this year.

I loved shooting on this street!

A nice little spot..


An Elario configuration.

Love it.

My favorite image of the whole day.. I love it.

All these people were actually here for Ashely and Brian!

St Johns..

Mr & Mrs..

Key Hall at Proctors..

The space is so cool.

Inside the vault I found their wedding date.. 😉

This is how they enter the room for introductions.. Pretty cool huh?

Nothing like a great first dance with a dip.

We took them back outside for a couple more..


Brian is a Starbucks nut and got the Stuyvesant Plaza store to donate all their coffee for the wedding, plus that awesome sign!

Did I mention they partied?

Ok, one more in the vault.. Congrats you guys!!!

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  1. Sorry I’m way behind JP! – This was such a great blog! I love love the purple. The flowers were mazing. The shots on Jay street came so nice and the shots in the midst of the parade came out really good. So many great shots in this set. I love love love the Proctor’s picture when he is picking her up – amazing shot!!!!! Congrats you guys – great shots 🙂 and great shoes Ashley – you looked amazing!

  2. OH wow! I know I’m behind (this seems to be a common comment of late from me – get used to it folks, I’m ready to pop in another month 😉 ) but the wait was worth it to be able to dedicate some time to this post. I LOVE everything about this. I’m going to jump to the one of them in the street. In my head I’m thinking “ha! It’s like all those people showed up for Ashley and Brian, not a parade” and then of course I look below and JP you’ve written just that. Awesome.
    The two shots where Ashley is getting a little emotional (I’m thinking Mike Myers on SNL getting verklempt) and then the flower girl making the same motions with her hands (as if she’s coaching her through the moment) is AWESOME.
    Love the shoes, love the dress, LOVE the first look.
    AND. I. LOVE THIS NEW SPACE!!!! So great, and look how different the uplighting made it.
    Also I think this is my fave ring shot of the season. Nice work JP.
    So cool the way redesigned buildings can still keep some of their unique flair?
    Gotta say I love all the street shots – a VERY cool new perspective. Congratulations to you ashley and Brian!!!!!

    Big Joe and JP – awesome stuff. Once again, you see those trees flashing with color so late in the season? Crazy. 🙂

  3. I’m a little biased being that I’m mother of the groom/MIL, but I had to comment on these beautiful pictures. I was so worried about the parade causing kaos but you went with it and did an amazing job incorporating it in with their photo shoot. Thanks for making their day memorable (and mine too!)!

  4. one of my most favorite ring shots ever!!!! love how you found their wedding date. beautiful rings too! love all the pics, congrats to the happy couple!

  5. WOW!!! What totally wonderful shots!!! Love them all.The parade shots made it all the more special!Love you guys. Kath and Daniel

  6. Those images on State Street… amazing!!! The facebook teaser from the parade is the absolute best. But I also love the black and white forehead kiss one. And what a great venue for a wedding reception!! I love their entrance through the vault door! 🙂 Great job JEP!!!

  7. This is probably my favorite wedding shoot that you have done so far! So many amazing pictures! I love the pictures by Proctor’s but I especially love the shot in the street – that is probably my absolute favorite picture that I have seen in any of your blogs to date!!!!

  8. ooooooo I love new venues. very cool space. love the ring shot, parade shots too, but I think my favs are outside Proctor’s with those pretty lights! congrats to the bride and groom!

  9. OH MY GOD! JP, my phone is gonna be ringing off the hook- seriously these images are flawless, easily my favorite blog of all time!!! What a great couple, great team of vendors and GREAT DAY!!!

  10. Love the purple shoes!! The shot in the middle of the parade line is amazing. Well done as per usual.

  11. Welcome back to blog land, JP! absolutely love this blog…as usual…love the bridal party shot with the happy sign in the background 😉 and the entrance through the vault, WOW, love that!! this was definitely a cool venue by the looks of your shots 😎 and the bride and groom just glow with their love and happiness from the day, absolutely wonderful! love the bride’s bouquet, and the color scheme…dashing grromsmen and beautiful ladies….great great shots! and i love all the colors on State Street…that parade was quite a great touch for your shots 😉