audrey & jamel: glen sanders mansion

Ok folks, I got a great one to share today. This past Saturday we photographed a really awesome couple. Audrey and Jamel, these two couldn’t be more in love. Seriously, you felt it in the air all day long. One awesome surprise on the day for us was walking into the newly remodeled “Sanders Suite” at the Glen Sanders Mansion. The Sanders Suite is the room most brides get ready in at GSM. I gotta give props to Maria and the rest of the GSM peeps for this awesome redo. Seriously the room looks fantastic and coming from a photographer those lighter walls it makes light superb! I’m sure hair & makeup agrees. Speaking of that, Make Me Fabulous was on this one too! So Audrey was ear to ear with smiles when we came into the room. Seriously one of the most photogenic brides out there! She was ready to get into that gown and get herself married. But not so fast Audrey, it was time to meet up with Jamel and the guys. A fun fact about Jamel is he’s a set designer for Law & Order. Yeah thats right, Jamel’s big time. He recently had a part on NBC’s Mercy too. But Jamel didn’t get all hollywood on us, he was a wonderful groom to spend the day with. So these guys wanted to head out to some spot in downtown Schenectady for the guys photos. I’m glad we did, I really loved the grittiness of this location. Before I knew it, it was 6:30pm and the ceremony music playing and down the aisle came Audrey. One of my favorite series of the day is are the images Big Joe got from behind Jamel and the ceremony officiant as Audrey and her proud father came down the aisle. After the ceremony with just minutes of daylight left we managed to squeeze out some nice portraits of the newlyweds and then it was party time! Just a really fun wedding from then on out. We both really enjoyed working with you guys! Our congrats go out to you and we thank you for allowing us to make some nice photos for you!


And in true Law & Order fashion… “these are their stories” (insert music here)

The newly remodeled Sanders Suite had this AWESOME chair just waiting to be photographed with some shoes on it.

See what I mean? All smiles! Audrey looking beautiful here.

Doesn’t the new room look great? I’m digging the floor too.

All brides should be this happy when seeing themselves all finished! This stuff’s not staged folks, its real.

Oh and here is my wife Kris Ann delivering some Fleurtacious Designs… first wedding together since ours.

Great looking bouquet too!

Audrey’s father just got finished telling Audrey she looked as beautiful as her mother on her wedding day. He had all the ladies in tears.

The ladies.

A little closer.

A stunning bride. Nuff said.

Over at Jamel’s room…

Just a great moment with Mom.

Doesn’t this photo make you want one of those vintage little coke bottles?

Love this shot.

Those are some serious medals. Thank you Jamel for your service to our country.

Jamel just has that likable personality. Even in his uniform all serious looking you can still feel it.

One more …

The ceremony details…

I just love these.

This is my all time number 1 unity candle shot.

Time to celebrate…

With champagne…

and a kiss..

Butter light…

The ballroom…

The rings.

And I’ll end with a nice shot of their second “first dance”.

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