baby matthew

Ok so I took off what a week from bloggin? Cut me a little slack blog stalkers we’ve shot 8 weddings so far this month and blog-tober isn’t even over! Can I be honest and say I’m a little behind here on the bloggin? It’s ok though because the waiting is the best part right? Well probably if its not “your blog” you’re waiting for. In all seriousness though, I have so many awesome images I want to share with you all. Just hang in there because I’m trying my hardest!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet and photograph Christina and Matt’s newest addition Matthew Jacks! This newborn was just a week old and weighed in at 5lbs. He was easily the smallest I’ve ever photographed. He also had the best forehead wrinkles I’ve ever seen! What a treat to have this little dude in my newborn portfolio! Congrats to Christina and Matt and thanks for choosing me to capture this little gift of yours.


Matthew Jacks..

Probably my favorite pairing from the session..

Another lion! So cute.

He was so alert too!

I like this one..

This one is just so great. I love it!

next one

a fall family shoot