And just like that I have completed my trilogy of the Staples kids engagement sessions. Back in 2009 I shot Natalie and Ryan’s then in 2012 was Erin and Tim’s and now Becky and Carmine make their official blog debut! I don’t know how to put my love for this session into words. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of bright, vivid, colors and this shoot surely has no shortage of that. I’m also personally connected to this couple. I’ve known them for a while and consider them friends of mine. Capturing this session (and further wedding) is a big honor for me. We’ve known this family since 2008 when Natalie began planing her wedding. Years later we captured Tim and Erin’s wedding making it 2 for 3. It was only a matter of time until Carmine #CaputARingOnIt (and btw yeah I made up their official wedding day hashtag) and we’re beyond thrilled to be capturing a 3rd wedding for one of our favorite families. We can’t say thank you enough to the Staples fam! I’m rambling but I just love all of this. I could go on, but Natalie told me she doesn’t read my blogs anymore and just looks at the images (which I assume most people do lol) so I’ll stop typing and let you all enjoy this blog post. Check back in October to see their wedding!


Meet Becky and Carmine..

Clearly these two are a super fun couple..

I love the way the sunlight pours through this fair..

Carmine about to win while Becky is cheering him on!

When you win a minion for your lady…


Meanwhile on the carousel..

Loving the motion!

Working the ferris wheel was great.

I just love all this color!

before the carnies photobombed us..

Becky, you’re a beautiful person. I’ve known ya since 2009 and couldnt be more excited to shoot your wedding and finish out that Staples Trilogy..

That view, light and sky tho…

When we got off the ferris wheel this amazing scene was waiting for us..

I don’t have enough words to describe my love for this image..

and now we use those lights for the remainder of the session..

Seemed like when I was trying to capture this image people never stopped walking through the scene but eventually we got it and I love it.

These might be my next favorites from the whole session. I knew when shooting this I wanted them to be in b&w.. I feel like this shoot is so colorful anyway I had to toss in some b&w and these were the perfect images for that..

and as I always end my e shoots here is my token “bling shot”…

and the turnaround.. I did one of my first “turnarounds” at Natalie’s e shoot back in 2009 (proof I’ve been on my selfie game long before Kim Kardashian) and Becky was in that image.. I’ll post it below so you can see how much older I look now.. I love you guys. Cant wait to celebrate and shoot on 10/15!!

2009… Natalie and Ryan’s e shoot..

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