For those who have not seen one of my behind the scenes posts here is what they’re all about. Beginning every year we start a folder called “Random Shots” and throughout the year when editing pictures we move the photos that have us in them, other vendors or anything that was behind the scenes. This year that folder had over 4000 images in it. Narrowing the 2013 season down was tough! We’re so happy to get to work with all the people in this post (and those also who might not have made this years post). There is no doubt we have some incredible wedding professionals in this area. We love and enjoy working with you all year after year. As always, these blog posts are long. So sit back, relax and peep the behind the scenes from our 2013 season!

If you want to take a look back, here are links to my posts from  2008  2009  2010 , 2011 and 2012.


We’ll  set this one off where we left off December 30th 2012… brrrr!!

Big Joe doing what he does best..

Having some fun and learning all about horns and guitars from the best..

my little assistant.. 

April 6th 2013… and the “skinny mirror” with Alayne from Make Me Fabulous. 

Our first of many weddings together this season. Katie O’, sure knows how to creatively transport photo booth props!

If you remember in last years blog post I said sometimes instead me calling her Katie O’ it’s “Katie go” as in “Katie go get me a chair”.. she’s such a team player 😉

I mentioned in my post on Facebook, no ones safe this year in the behind the scenes post…. the wind was pretty crazy here.. 

When you’re surrounded by people that love their job as much as you do it’s really not work at all.

heading to the reception.

My Man, DJ Paul Malo striking a pose on the terrace at Taste Albany. 

One of the MANY funny moments Miss Hayden gave us this season.. The man to the left is clearly looking for her.. hahaha! that face!!

April 13th 2013.. Megan and Rob’s wedding…. 

Alayne and her glamor kit…

Enjoying a laugh with Rob and the fellas.. 

Another bride goes down the aisle on time.. hire a day of coordinator ya’ll! 

Big Joe ready to head to the reception…

a little session with the b&g..

those 12 hour weddings can be rough.. thankfully Starbucks was close by..  

In April I thought rain would be fun and interesting for a photo… little did I know we’d deal with 16 more times at weddings and like 5 times for engagement sessions.. 

May 5th 2013… shooting some rings.. 

Tina!! Mrs Flawless!

Snapchating from a wedding reception. 

hah.. her stash is upside down.. 

A short break with Will from Nuvue Cinema

And Johnny Teagan from Nuvue.. 

One day in May I ventured to Maine for an engagement shoot.. 

May 25th 2013… another rainy yet gorgeous day..

My beautiful and talented wife, Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs delivering what were and always are beautiful bouquets..

Sara, thank you for making a rainy day easy..

many lenses on the bride..

Wedding planner Christine Wheat, always prepared whether its Altoids or an umbrella. 

Shooting at the Mount in Lenox was nothing short of amazing…

The making of what is probably one of my favorite images of 2013… 

Oh you fancy huh?

This looks like some sort of royal announcement or whatever..

Caught lounging on the job. 

A chair-less vendor meal in some interesting quarters.. 

Gosh what was that monkeys name?? 

The life of the party.

Monday editing…. Our Jamie is an office rockstar and we love her.. 

As is Jenny.. we’re so lucky to have these young ladies on our team.

June 1st 2013… Lake George Wedding!!

Some scenes from Alex and Geoff’s wedding…. so pretty.

Erin and Tim’s wedding!! The day it never stopped raining, June 7th 2013.

Some fun images from that morning…

Using some window light to capture the stunning, Erin.

FRENCHIE!!!! This young, smart and beautiful person came from France and interned for Katie O’ from April to August. She instantly became a great friend… always having my back, French. 

Not wanting the bottom of Erin’s gown in a puddle..

Probably one of the most challenging weather days of our wedding career.. Without the help from Katie O’ and her team I have no clue how we would have been able to capture what we did..

Raining sideways.. 

Got umbrellas?? The wind destroyed Hayden’s umbrella!! I actually think this was a tropical storm… 

Vendor meals are always fun and full of laughs.. This one especially.. I somehow knocked over my water into Frenchie’s dish and her meal instantly tuned to soup.. I still feel awful about this..

Catching up with my wife while she decorates a cake…

If you work at the Canfield Casino, chances are you know Ted. Well, Hayden loves him! We all do!

Him and that fancy Leica. 

June 21st: In the Sanders suite with non other than Al Woodard by my side. Seems so normal when we get to work with Al. 

heading to our portrait location.. 

Bridal party group shot in the stockade area.. 

If I had a dollar for every time at vendor meal when a wedding guest walks by and says “oh they let you eat?” Happens at almost every wedding. At this particular meal Frenchie told me she didn’t like my outfit very much but she said it in French so it sounded beautiful. 

June 28th 2013.. Jessica and Tim’s wedding!! Our first time at Crooked Lake House too!

My wife… what an amazing and caring artist she is.. 

At this point I’m probably asking DJ Paul Malo how many toasts there are.

Celebrating the end of the night about to break down all the equipment while doing a little dance.. 

“I don’t know.. this app doesn’t say it will rain”.. 

Bumping into my friend and colleague, Matt Ramos… “oh you too are doing your first look here?” I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often..

oh and it rained…. 

and an hour later it was beautiful again… 

trying to shake off the paparazzi…. 

Big Joe photo bomb.. or am I photo bombing him?

On July 13th Kat could not wait to get her hands on that beautiful Fleurtacious Designs bouquet hand delivered by my lovely wife, Kris Ann. 🙂

I could have photographed her all day… stunning.. 

Heading back to their ceremony site after our first look and portrait session..


Hayden goofing off.. and our friend Jason checking out some footage he shot of us… Stay tuned for Jason’s behind the scene’s video of us from 2013!

“Katie Go” again with the chairs…

whenever we might be stressed or just taking our job too serious I can always count on Hayden to put a smile on my face… Our little goof! We love ya, Hayden!

After a two week hiatus we set the season back off on August 3rd 2013…. love this one of Alayne and her girls.. 

Scenes from Michele and Paul’s wedding! 

“hmmmm what am I going to do with these rings?” August 9th 2013..

A behind the scenes of Miss Hayden..

for the second time Ramos and I cross paths.. this time in downtown Schenectady.. then later that day Matt got familiar with the Mohawk River forever earning the nickname “Matty Mohawk”.

Ashley and Will, making it easy for me.

Tony G of NYP still practicing..

One of Mazzone’s best. The Polish Princess, Heather..  

Another bride is thrilled to see her flowers from Fleurtacious Designs!!

Making things happen on August 16th 2013.. 

Sometimes when I’m capturing something special I like to get really comfortable… 

love this one and all the laughs I had with Megan and Doug in 2013.. 

JENNY!!! Kale shakes from some Yogi… 

Because she is my best friend I had to throw one of Lexie in!

August 24th 2013.. The Sagamore with Christine Wheat!

Again, this is so normal to me. I’ve been looking at this scenario since I was a kid… 

Douglas and Keylon putting the finishing touches on Michelle and Bob’s ceremony space..  

C Dubz, making sure that veil is secure before our post ceremony boat ride..

Just having some fun.. 

In ya face fisheye craziness!! 

Sometimes is a Nikon kinda day for Big Joe.. 

Labor Day weekend with Alaina and Jared.

Shooting a Siena… 

John and Will on the streets of Troy… 

and then it rained.. 

JP to Christine: “So what are we going to do about this rain thats coming?”

Rita P! Working it for Big Joe and his Leica.. 

Cueing first look.. 

Trying to find a cellphone signal at Erlowest.. impossible.

On Friday September 13th it rained like hell and we happened to have the day off.. 

Tina!! She be flawless yo!

September 14th… Christine helping Kate with her veil…. 

Capturing Tim and the fellas..

“go that way”

On Tuesday September 17th we shot a gorgeous wedding in Jackson Hole, WY but this is all I can share with you.. 

But while we were there I also shot this anniversary session with Lindsey and Ryan.. this I did share with you all.. It was one of my favorite blogs from 2013.. 

I bust my dads butt so bad about taking that whole Jackson Hole thing too serious.. He’s rocking Lindsey’s hat here. But he did come home and buy cowboy boots so if you see him rocking them tell him how cool he is.. 😉

I could shoot here all day..

September 21st AKA Meredith’s wedding day.. 

I could not believe what I was witnessing here. Go C Dubz getting for her feet wet in that water! 

Kris Ann yet again making another bride and grooms dreams come true! Thats what Fleurtacious does!

Oh Hayden.. 

The hardest working man in the biz.. Sean Willcoxon on Mazzone Hospitality. 

Kyle, its been a while. My how you’ve changed. 

Jenny working a photo booth in September! 

It’s October 5th and he can’t quite seem to remember what he was doing… 

October 11 2013… My Man Vinny Vin!!

Do the signature “Vinny Vin” pose.. 

Don’t mind us.. just some other bridesmaids passing by.. 

Color excites me!! 

“Katie Go” get me a rocking chair.. 😉

October 26th 2013.. New York Botanical Garden.. 

That Halloween wedding.. 

I’m getting “Flawless by Tina” incase you didn’t read the chair.. 😉

It’s not often I get crap from the groom, unless of course its Vinny Vin!

yup a graveyard.. 

Cheryl from CASL busting it down the aisle! hahahaha!

Cheryl and Mandy from CASL Productions.. love these ladies.. 🙂

Alfie on the go!

Would a behind the scenes post be complete without Mama Dona?? 

Clearly pointing the camera in the wrong direction on November 9th 2013..

Still at it..

Having some fun with Lauren and Neil.. 

annnnnnnnddd thats a wrap!! 

I’ll end the post with this pic of  Big Joe and I and just say quickly how great it is to be able to work together, have fun and be family. We’re blessed to be able to to this together. Here’s to 2014!! 


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