For those who have not seen one of my behind the scenes posts, here is what they’re all about. Beginning every year we start a folder called “Random Shots” and throughout the year when editing pictures we move the photos that have us in them, other vendors or anything that was behind the scenes. This year that folder had over 4000 images in it. As it is every year, narrowing the 2014 season down was not easy! We’re so happy to get to work with all the people in this post (and those also who might not have made this year’s post). There is no doubt we have some incredible wedding professionals in this area. We love and enjoy working with you all, year after year. As always, these blog posts are long. So sit back, relax and peep the behind the scenes from our 2014 season!

If you want to take a look back, here are links to my posts from  2008  2009  2010 , 2011 , 2012 and 2013.


Ok last year I posted this blog very early so I left out a few from 2013.. Here are those.. This was at the end of Katie and Nates engagement photos in Savannah.

The AWESOME Music Man Mike Garrasi!

January 2014. 

Vinny rolls up in sweats… that’s hood. 

A break with  Hayden.

That time 3 models froze their butts off for one of my Angela’s Bridal shoots!

Our Jamie. She’s usually a behind the scene person who does our editing, albums and anything techie but once in a while I drag her to a shoot. She looks thrilled to be freezing too!

An Albany street person says hi in the middle of a shot. Their faces… insert crying laughing emoji here. 

That time Hayden joined me in Lake Placid on what was the coldest engagement session I ever shot. 

Explaining how the first look was gonna go down.. 

“How’s this look?”

Brides love Big Joe #1: Katie O’s wedding day! 

Al and I trying to explain something to each other lol. 

The wedding planners, wedding planner, Laura.

Waaaaay back at the end of the aisle you’ll find Al Woodard and I on any given wedding. We like it this way.

I swear Hayden has a sensor if you point a camera at her she’s always ready. 

Sometimes weddings make you wanna shoot yourself haha.

Back at it on her first wedding back as a married wedding planner. “Umbrella? Please, I got this!”

Hire a wedding planner.. 

and hire a DJ who helps himself to the bar.. 

Love this one of Big Joe…

Meet “Jacob the intern”…. this was his first wedding. Poor fella looks lost. By the end of the season this kid crushed it. Glad to have him on the team!

Nothing like a little assistance from one of this area’s greatest chefs. 

In April we shot (and ate) some food at 677 Prime. Jaimie (also 2015 Elario bride) watching me to make sure I don’t screw up 😉

Wedding planner Christine Wheat always on her A Game, making umbrellas appear out of thin air.

Setting up this “first touch” thing our bride and groom did that day.

Two veteran players and a fedora bomb.

Making things happen.

Of all the vendor meals my favorite place to have one is the back room at the Canfield Casino. Here the New York Players fill up before taking the stage for round two!

Guys, didn’t your parents teach you to take your fedoras off at the dinner table? 😉

A selfie at the Melzone e shoot because its Melzone!

Teaching the kid how to shoot some rings. 

Waiting on a bride and groom to come…  I love these 4 people!

King Of Green Island, Greg Cushman. 

When I realized little Jacob had an amazing eye. 

I was showing Alfie my favorite image of Kim and Kanye.. lol.

Photographers and mirrors.. will it ever get old? 

Meanwhile Memorial Day in Rhode Island… 

Brides love Big Joe #2: Tiffany was such a sweetie! 

Al’s face… so. damn. funny.

Whether you haven’t seen Donna for a week or a year she will always greet you like this.

Some of Mazzone’s finest!

Cut the cake test shot with Sara!

Snip, snip. 

The time that dude and good friend of mine Evan Pierce assisted on a wedding. 

Wanna get married on time? Hire a wedding planner. 

Katie (the bride) killed it.. 

“Who me?”

Nothing she does anymore surprises me. Love ya, Hayden!

Waiting on a bride to get dressed with Alayne of MMF.

We love everyone at Crooked Lake House. Especially Elise!


Picking a teaser from an engagement session with our other behind the scenes rockstar, Jenny. 

The reason we are so good at what we do is because of these two. Jamie and Jenny make things happen and we’re so grateful to have them on the team. 

That damn bear at The Sagamore. 

Look Ma, no shoes. 


Classic Old G right thurrrr

Alfie creeping. I remember taking this image and cracking up at it then. This might be the funniest image in the whole post (for me at least).   

He sings for an extra $100. 

I love when I can bring Lexie with me on a shoot. She loved Baby Owen!

Flawless by Tina in the house!

That old van… still running like a champ. 

Thinking of where to shoot next.. 

My wife the talented Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs knocks another bouquet out of the park and helps make Jenni’s dreams come true. 

Sometimes in your career you get to rock two Super Bowl rings. That happened on June 27th 2014.

“Let me just get rid of this lamp”

Wedding planners help organize people. Love them. 

Kris Ann putting some finishing touches on Jenni and Sean’s sweetheart table.. 

Mazzone’s list on 6.27.14

Wedding planners get you down the aisle on time and fluff the gown. 

Love this one of Nate… what’s he doing anyway?

oh thats right waiting to cue the bag piper once the ceremony was over. 

Time for sunset shots!

William (no hair gel) Beyer of NuVue Cinema. 

Kris Ann showing Francesca her blinged out bouquet handle. 

Love of vendor meal with “Love of Music” Chris and “Lovecraft” Mike. I think I should change my name to “Elario Love”

Wedding planners get you places in a jiffy! 

After a month off we came back fresh and ready for Erica and Ed’s big day!

Making magic. 

Those NuVue guys.. 

Mr Lovecraft Mike V

That tie was the bomb. 

“Can you play the wobble?”

Yep.. on a boat.. life is rough.

Alexis of Erlowest is the cutest. Love her.

Brides love Big Joe #3: Chatting with Allyson at the Sagamore. 

A photobomb from my friend Alex showing me what normal folks do on a Saturday on the lake. 

Tonya of Christine Wheat Events is the best! Love this chick!

You like the Leica? 

His face tho.. haha

Wedding planners secure your veil so the lake winds don’t snatch it up. 

Donnie AKA Danielle of Fleurtacious Designs and her ribbon. 

Lets compare notes. 


The guy who wouldn’t move… “ssssssssh” was all he said. I’m dying. 

Wedding planners help you cut cakes. 

Hayden making friends with the Beekman boys goats. 

Inside the Beekman Mansion. 

Outside the Beekman Mansion.

Our pal Cheryl of CASL Productions.

Bag ladies, Tiffany and Kris Ann on Dave’s engagement shoot (Jamie was there too)

Look at this stud Dave Hostig of Normanside Country Club carrying bags through DUMBO.

Meanwhile in Lenox… prepping Amanda for first look. Love all the greeeeeeen!!

Sean and Kyle of SK Plaske. Great guys!

Shannon cutting some cake in the Saratoga National kitchen.

Sept 28: Hayden’s Bday

Kailin of Simply Scout Designs showing Lucy the gold pumpkin she made her!

#melzonewedding !!!!!

Kristen and Steve are social media addicts so I had to get them a same day teaser 😉 Kristen also completed her 2nd marathon (NYC) last month so mad props to her!

a very early start on October 4th..

People thought we were crazy out there in the rain.. It’s what I do!

Julie Johnson (and Kevin’s) anniversary shoot!! 

My sidekick Randi of Styled by Randi and Strut watching the magic happen 😉

Of the 4 weddings we shot at Erlowest I took a selfie each time with Alexis… 🙂

Wedding planners put the gown where I want it.. and they smile while doing so.

Lenox in October. 

John Teagan and that hair.. 

Katie O’ hired Casey to get chairs for me. lol

Brides love Big Joe #4: Kristen and Big Joe chilling at The Cranwell.

another mirror shot. 

“Do you know how to tie a bow tie?” Do I ever!

Shooting with the man that taught me everything I know (but not everything he knows)

Mr. Kaipo Schwab had a role in Orange Is the New Black when he’s not shooting wedding films.. love this dude. 

Cueing a first look.. 

Wedding planners help execute a first look.

They both look beat! After all its November!

Wedding planners always have an umbrella! 

Sammy is a veteran Mazzone guy been there since the beginning. 

Will got married like 2 week ago (before this photo) still no hair gel tho.

Waiting for a bride to get dressed. 

Seriously this day was so fun. 

Wedding planners make veils look good while running away.


Guys still singing in November!

setting the scene. 

I love this one because Dan kissed Michelle like every moment he could..

What you think he spins for to push a freaking Rav 4?


Mr Katie O’ AKA Nate AKA the husband helps me move stuff.. 

Wait what?

Oh no big deal just killin’ it. 

Celebrity snowmaker.

Vendor meal!

And I’ll end with this one.. until next season!


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