Behind the Scenes from 2017

Welcome to my 10th annual behind the scenes blog post!! I cannot believe I’ve done this blog for TEN YEARS!! This is my favorite of all blogs I publish every year! I love sharing all the fun that goes into what we do, so lets get into it..

For those who have not seen one of my behind the scenes posts, here is what they’re all about. Beginning every year we start a folder called “Random Shots” and throughout the year when editing pictures we move the photos that have us in them, other vendors or anything that was behind the scenes. As always the folder has thousands of images in it and its never easy to narrow down my favs. We’re so happy to get to work with all the people in this post (and those also who might not have made this year’s post). There is no doubt we have some incredible wedding professionals in this area. We love and enjoy working with you all, year after year. Now sit back, relax and peep the behind the scenes from our 2017 season!

If you want to take a look back, here are links to my posts from 2008 2009 2010 , 2011 , 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.


We ended/began our 2017 season with Jessica + Jon at Crooked Lake House. It was cold.
bts-2017 1
Chris from Fleurtacious designs on a cold January day.
bts-2017 2
Setting up a studio on the road.
bts-2017 3
First look with a photobomb from Alison
bts-2017 4
bts-2017 5bts-2017 6
We’ve done so much work with Peak Residential in the last couple years I’d be crazy not to include them in this post.
bts-2017 7
and in 2017 I began shooting for lululemon.. here’s one from their holiday party.
bts-2017 8
March 11th 2017. Coldest. Day. Ever.
bts-2017 9
Lauren and Jeremy of LaRose Media.
bts-2017 10
We added a new natural light studio to our space last March. I’ve had a blast shooting in here.
bts-2017 11bts-2017 12
My pal and industry bestie, Katie O’
bts-2017 13
Mike Emery of New York Players photobomb.
bts-2017 14
Shooting flatlays for the one and only, Jenny C Designs.
bts-2017 15
Shooting Michelle Pollard of Studio 4 Hot Yoga & Pilates. This was a shoot for lululemon and if you go into their store you will see these images. Truly an honor to be making images for lulu.
bts-2017 16
A mid shoot workout session featuring Alison and Miss Anna of lululemon.
bts-2017 17
That smile, love ya Drew. Another amazing shoot for lululemon which also hangs in their store as well.
bts-2017 18
Never a dull moment with Hayden.
bts-2017 19
The Albany Business Review interviewed me back in May for a wedding piece they ran. Here’s a behind the scenes of me posing for my big shot!
bts-2017 20
Shannon Whitney of WPP making things perfect for us.
bts-2017 21
Vinny freaking Vin…. lol.
bts-2017 22bts-2017 23
All we do is laugh when we work together.
bts-2017 24
That blue light.
bts-2017 25

In January Jamie and Josh welcomed Victoria into their lives. She was a regular fixture here in the office, until she started to crawl.
Capturing a killer group shot while balancing myself on some 12.5’s Photoshopping those straps out was hell tho.
bts-2017 26
“Just look casual guys”
bts-2017 27
The always moving Ben Pliss in the house.
bts-2017 28
hungry ducks..
bts-2017 29
Who’s fresher? Kimmy or Nates blazer?
bts-2017 30
Lemme get that cold brew PLEASE.
bts-2017 31
Oh hey Mrs Elario AKA the amazing owner, mother and leader of the one and only, Fleurtacious Designs.
bts-2017 32
If you don’t follow my wedding day insta stories you should. 😉
bts-2017 33
That trademark Vinny Vin.
bts-2017 34
You get them triceps from Fusion Personal Training Studio?
bts-2017 35
Shooting on the steps of the New York Public Library. Loved every moment from this day.
bts-2017 36
Where’s JP?
bts-2017 37
After this group photo session C’ Dubs dropped the mic.
bts-2017 38
A guest appearance from Sheila for a mid wedding lunch.
bts-2017 39
Working hard over here.
bts-2017 40
Arriving at Ausable Club and hanging with Geoff and Alexandria
bts-2017 41
That getting ready outfit shot.
bts-2017 42
They get close, I get closer.
bts-2017 43
Casey and Katelynn bts-2017 44
Is that your wedding planner or the secret service? So official.
bts-2017 45
When they bring in the big guns.
bts-2017 46
“Yep we shlep”
bts-2017 47
It was worth it tho.
bts-2017 48
That feeling when portraits are over.
bts-2017 49
My sweet little girl Helene working at Jamie’s computer.
bts-2017 50bts-2017 51
When I wake up on Sunday morning and my back hurts I now know why.
bts-2017 52
bts-2017 53
Kailin is the reason my newborns and family shoots look good. It’s been a great season working so much with my old Albany friend.
bts-2017 54
These guys won an engagement session from us! Loved their shoot!
bts-2017 55
When the girls show up to work…. we get nothing done.
bts-2017 56
Ever shoot in a monsoon? We did.
bts-2017 57
Never seen rain like this at a wedding ever. We made the best of it and did our damn thing too.
bts-2017 58
Like the park was legit flooded. Wild.
bts-2017 59
Another rainy wedding with Christine.. Am I seeing a pattern, Wheat?
bts-2017 60
When its misting sideways and you use the umbrella not only to keep the subjects dry but also defuse the light.
bts-2017 61
It did stop raining tho.
bts-2017 62
Capturing beautiful stuff..
bts-2017 63
The Fleurts
bts-2017 64
A BTS from my podcast with Kenny Hopkins of Now You’re Engaged which can be found here.
bts-2017 65
We love Alexis (The heartbeat of Erlowest)!! Cant wait to shoot her wedding in June!!
bts-2017 66
Elario Photobooth fits into tight spaces lol.
bts-2017 67
When inspector gadget shows up to shoot your wedding.
bts-2017 68
Getting that first look in the rain just right.
bts-2017 69
Oh Jeremy!
bts-2017 70
So because of the rain the ceremony got moved into a backup location but there was no place to shoot so Jeremy and I grabbed a seat next to this fine folks.
bts-2017 71
but the rain did stop.. it always seems to stop.
bts-2017 72
A behind the scenes from above.
bts-2017 73
Angela’s Bridal is my jam. Alexandra got dressed around the corner from them so we popped over to say what up and take some photos.
bts-2017 74bts-2017 75
My homie, Tiffany Wayne lending a helping hand with me on a Sunday in September.
bts-2017 76bts-2017 77
Captures of me doing my thing by Tiffany Wayne.
bts-2017 78
shooting for lululemon at anatomie in Troy. Eileen was 8 months pregnant and made this stuff look easy. what a beautiful space!
bts-2017 79
I don’t know what’s happening here..
bts-2017 81
The Fleurts..
bts-2017 82
when the polaroid comes out..
bts-2017 83bts-2017 84
My friends at Miller’s Lab asked me to be in one of their Miller’s Makers advertisements.. It’s a huge honor. My pal Tiff captured this for me.
bts-2017 85
When you turn one you call JP and Simply Scout Designs, we’ll hook it up for you.
bts-2017 86
Capturing a beautiful bride in Manchester VT.
bts-2017 87
When I decide to insta story mid portraits
bts-2017 88
This is our old time portrait. We brewed up the Simply Min-E Holiday sessions here which was a huge success. Stay tuned for more!
bts-2017 89
The kids!!
bts-2017 90
Loved this set she designed!
bts-2017 91
a photobomb in NYC.
bts-2017 92
shooting again for lululemon at Hiit It with Britt here in Albany. I’ve known this young lady for like ever and couldn’t be more proud of her success.
bts-2017 93bts-2017 94
Adult prom photos at Dancing in the Woods (33 years and counting of shooting this event)
bts-2017 95
This is really behind the scenes (or the set) where our rockstar Jamie banged out prints all night. The only ones who knew she was back there was us and some lady in a red dress 🙄
bts-2017 96
last wedding of 2017… and it snowed like a mofo.
bts-2017 97
The look on my face when I’m at my very best doing what I love the most while making some beautiful images.
bts-2017 98
and I’ll end with this one of myself and Big Joe. Been doing this since I was 11 along side this guy. Thanks to all the people who continue to trust us and to all our vendor friends, we love you all. 2018, lets get it!
bts-2017 99

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