behind the scenes from 2008

This is kind of a fun post. We always try to grab shots of each other at work, having fun or just random shots. Thats why on my desktop I have a folder called “random shots” it’s full of all kinds images. Today I decided to dig thru my random shots from 2008 and share some with you. Keep in mind I started this folder back in 2001 when we first started shooting digital so maybe some day I’ll throw a vintage random shots blog up… don’t hold your breath in the meanwhile.


Here’s big Joe grabbing a shot of Daniella before she went to put on her dress.

and here I am getting one of my favorite bride portraits of 2008

Nothing too special here, just me shooting some details.

Here are some along with the finished product.

Big Joe doing his thang.

Like my wheels?

Big Joe & Music Man Mike Garrasi  
 Al Woodard & Big Joe

Me capturing one of my favorite ring shots.

I’m waiting for a bride here in my favorite room. I always seem to take some sort of mirror shot.
 Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs handing off a beautiful bouquet to a beautiful bride.

I think I might have got in his shot here.

But he got in mine here. Sometimes we do that.

“Uh hi, its the photographer, can we come up?” The woman at the counters shooting me some look huh?
 Al Woodard & myself getting our shoot on.

This is my typical reaction when I get the shot I want.

Just a fantastic June day right here.

He gets his shot with a wide lens I get mine with a 200 1.8

Sometimes I shoot low. BTW cloth runners are waaaaaay nicer than those disposal ones.

I know you remember this wedding

This is a pretty neat birds eye kinda view.

It was crazy cold here. Stop sweating my women’s isotoners too!

A fisheye view with John DaBiere

and one with Al Woodard 

Finally a snap of me at my desk rocking some dual 30″ cinema displays.

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