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Ah yes folks with the year ending and a new ones beginning that means it’s time for some of that “best of” and behind the scenes stuff. Since last years behind the scenes post was so popular I thought I must do one from the 2009 season. This is a long post and has lots of images. I couldn’t narrow them down, so why not share all my favs? There is 54 images below this test. It’s crazy right? So what? They’re all fun images. I’d love to thank all my 2009 blog stalkers and would love to hear more from you all in the comment box below. Don’t be shy, I don’t bite. But back to all the followers… Thanks sooo much for coming back often, looking, sharing with others and I know we’ll be giving you all some awesome stuff for the 2010 season. In fact, I promise! Happy New Year ya’ll. See ya next year!

Enjoy, leave love,

I’ll try to do these in chronological order beginning back in April when the season kicked into full speed…..

This is a typical reaction I might do if the last thing I shot really was awesome.

Throughout this post you’ll see a lot of these “the making of” images.. Me and Al Woodard shooting some awesome shots of the famous Jaimee & Sean’s wedding.

This one’s special to me since it was the first bride & groom I’ve ever asked to sit on the ground without any sheets, blankets tarps etc… I just said “trust me Jess…” and their images rocked. Shortly after this bride sitting on the bridge shot you might have noticed a trend popping up throughout the local wedding scene of brides and grooms sitting on bridge / ground / field. I know for certain it’s become a staple in my arsenal of images….. And YES brides, you can tell me no.

The result..

This is just funny.

I just love the look on the brides face when my lovely and talented fiance Kris Ann was showing her bouquet for the first time. More than that though, look at the joy in Kris Ann’s face knowing she’s sending a satisfied bride down the aisle.

Remember that shoot at Saratoga Race Track? Anthony might try and front but that guard was making him nervous. Jivon would back me up.

Remember that shoot I did in Fenway Park? Did I mention I was scuffing my Frye’s all over this dugout? Hope John Henry doesn’t read my blog.

Just after I took this shot they took their hats off…

And look where they put them! I thought it was totally fitting seeing how their season ended with PapleBUM! I’m sorry but as a Yankee fan I needed to get my dig in.. 27 baby!

Me & Pops taking a break…

A little directing going on here… I just like this shot..

“The making of” a ring shot in a hotel room.

Another “the making of” shot..

Pop’s and I will often meet up at the reception location before a wedding. At this one I was elected to drive and I title this one “Where’s the brides house?”.

I bet I could have got them to sit on these yellow lines if not for the 55mph motorists on the road. This “the making of” is pretty neat.

“The making of” one of many images of Kristin on her wedding day.

“The making of” a standard shoe/dress shot. Jivon’s bedroom had easily the best light ever.

In Jivon’s fathers museum I mean garage. Big Joe was in love with all the Corvettes in there.

I like this shot because I know I just shot some of my favorite images from the 2009 season. It’s just has a cool look to it. Big Joe’s always been awesome with those super wide angle shots and I think this is one is a standard “Big Joe shot”.

This is me saying to myself… “I wonder what size Kris Ann is?” I was caught in the act jacking some flip flops.

When I shot this image of my pops I told him all that was missing was a big “E” off to the left.
Music Man Mike Garrasi chilling with Big Joe who is clearly snacking on a roll or crackers or something yummy from Angelo’s pantry.

Typical, we’re ready, they’re not.

Big Joe looking all cool like he’s part of the wedding party or something.

“The making of” the get a little closer shot.

In Congress Park during wedding season on a Saturday you’d be amazed how many wedding partys come thru and sometimes you run into other photogs.. My buddy Alisha Clark clearly taking a break with cola in hand.

Sometimes I just can’t find him when we’re working.

“The making of” the guys shot in front of the greatest looking church in all of Saratoga.

“The making of” an in your face bride portrait.

Who say’s I can’t do a bling shot? This awesome “bling” was a napkin ring holder or something I found.. haha cool right?

The Franklin Plaza mirror. I know every photographer who’s shot there has at some point in time done this… I especially like the hat on the tall guy. Something looks funny there.

Another mirror shot….

“The making of” one of my favorite images from Sarah & Ben’s awesome October wedding..

Photo by Mayor Jennings.. You can count on him jacking one of our cameras at any given event. He must only shoot Canon Pops.

Having a serious chat with wedding planner Katie O‘… probably sounded like this. JP: “So we’re running behind?” Katie O’: “Yeah but only 15 mins.” In Katies defense I’m certain it was not her doing for a slightly delayed start. Here’s a news flash folks… nothing ever runs on time, not weddings.

So the girls were not ready and I went to the guys room and got this awesome ring shot.

Then Al & I waited for the guys and goofed off..

Another “the making of” the guys shot..

One of my fav’s of Big Joe in action… the light is just sweet.

Stop! Mirror time! This woman’s clearly watching herself walk. Everyone does at the Hall of Springs.

Another “the making of” a really awesome ring shot.

When you both work in the wedding biz this is how you spend your quality time together..

“The making of “my favorite shoe shot this season.

Me & the famous Alayne of Make Me Fabulous.

Just for the record… I’ve been meaning to address this. Its Al Woodard, not Al WoodWard! One “W” in the last name. Everyone gets that wrong and it drives me crazy. Al on the other hand just laughs.

Classic HOS mirror shot.

“The making of” the “squat shot” or to sound better the crouching shot. This was coined by a popular west coast shooter [b]ecker I give props to the originator.

“The making of” I just love the light in this image. Thanks to our assistant Kat for bumping it back at em’

Kat likes pumpkins lol! They were actually sticky haha.

On day three of a three wedding weekend I might make this face. This is my “are we ready?” look.

Lexie likes to blog too! Seriously this is the messiest you’ll ever see my office. The fall kicked my butt.
Diane of Video Craft and myself mirroring it up in the casino.

And with this image I think we’re up to date! See ya next year!

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