We’re back with our 3rd annual behind the scenes blog post! You might remember when I first posted one 2008 and then again in 2009. I have to say this is one of my favorite things to blog. A little history on these images. Every season basically from everything we shoot we always have behind the scenes shots. Sometimes they are lighting/location test shots. Sometimes they are just goofy shots of us. Often they’re shots of  fellow friends and vendors we work with. These images are all pulled when in editing and placed in a folder called random shots. Our random shots folder dates way back to 2001 when we started shooting digital and today is somewhere around 150 gigs of images. Pulling shots from our 2010 year was tough since we now shoot all year knowing shot’s will make this very blog post. I tried hard to narrow down the choices but I couldn’t get them under 95 images! I know I know, my blog posts run long sometimes but isn’t that why you come back? You’re here to see pictures right? Well sit back relax grab a cup of coffee, a cocktail or whatever and enjoy!


Back on the first day of January I snapped our first shot for this blog.

“Seriously? You’re making me come outside?”

It wasn’t as cold as it looked. The next day though, well that was another story.

I love more than anything to mess with my pal Donna from Mansion Catering. Those who are in the biz know Donna and love her.

Jan 2nd was freezing! It did have awesome photo opportunities though.

After these cold images we had a big gap before the reception started. Big Joe, Al Woodard and myself headed across the street for buffalo wings. That warmed us up!

Highjacking a shot 101..

Fact: Before every reception during cocktail hour you’ll find New York Players trumpet legend Tony Gambaro practicing in the ballroom..

It was a cold winter. One day I found Lexie curled up behind my Mac Pro because the fan blows out hot air. Too cute.

In February Anjella was excited to show me her gown..

At her wedding I was upstairs in the Hall of Springs taking a photo and noticed March’s schedule on the wall. Particularly the 6th 😉

I had to throw a random shot of us on our wedding.. This was seconds after we walked down the aisle. I love this one.. Image by Jessica Claire.. Check out our wedding if you have not yet. PS… How beautiful is my wife?

He looks lost..

Sometimes I have to show a bride what I want.. Brian’s like dude what are you doing here?

“Paging Dr Elario for surgery.” We shot the annual report for Albany Medical Center. One of my shots was to capture a real live operation. It’s not always sunshine and kittens. It was wild.

Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs finishing touches on an April wedding..

Sandwiched between CASL Productions. (Cheryl left, Mandy right) I wonder if we’re running on time.

I think the tie made his head glow..

Talk about accidentally matching something.

Yes you look pretty with your bouquet.

What do you think girls?

Dodging cars in Troy..

My bubbles..

Sometimes you have the luxury of relaxing with the bride. I think we were waiting on the groom somewhere.

Still waiting..

For the couples who had an Elario Photo Booth at your wedding I’m sure you all remember Kat right?

Girl in blue: “Why are you taking my picture?”


Double fisting my Canons in spa city.

Al Woodard raising the roof.. Well, the lady behind him was for sure.

Trying to blend in 😉

Where did he get the cheeseburger?!?

On Memorial Day Weekend Christine Wheat brought her army of wedding planners. It was a big wedding.

“Cover up, I’m coming in!” by the way everyone gets ready in 627

Same big wedding, Kris Ann driving a big truck. She drives it like a pro too.

Same big wedding. Executive VP of Operations for Mazzone Management Group Mark Delos has a staff meeting..

I wish I knew what we were talking about here…

Highjacking a shot..

With neon earplugs in tact I bust a move for a second.

The wedding planner says it’s time to cut the cake.

Ladies and gentlemen, Al Woodard!

Ok one more of Al in the butter light.

Big Joe setting the scene.

How’d he get up there?

Shooting into some harsh light.

Meanwhile in June I headed north..

“OK Kristin this is what I want you to do”

April K helped me shoot this wedding. It’s always thumbs up with her.

The girls from Fleurtacious Designs taking a break during a ceremony..

Wedding planner Katie O’ enjoying a moment with a bride and groom.

Ok I’ll remind you all again. It’s Al Woodard. Not Woodward. ONE W!

Here’s something you don’t see quite often. DJ Paul Malo and an empty dance floor.. This was during cocktails obviously 😉

“Ok what are we doing?”


The stranger watches…

A little configuration.. oh see the dude again lurking in the background. I bet he’s a blog stalker!

Here Katie carry my coat, lens, some glasses and a bouquet. Wedding planners are so great to have a around.

The outcome of this shot from this July 3rd wedding rocked.

I spent my 4th of July with the famous David Michael Schmidt from Renaissance!

New York Players trumpet legend Tony still practicing 7 months later.

“Bring me over there please.” FYI, I did tip him.

A rare image of us both thanks to blog stalker #1 Mona. Mona also told me she prefers Canon to Nikon. Sorry Big Joe.

I don’t even know!

Just chilling with a b&g..

On this engagement session Big Joe joined me..

I don’t even know what my man is doing here?

I’m on a boat!

The purple house!

Oh I’m sorry did you not want me in this shot?

All summer Big Joe covered the Saratoga Racing Scene for NYRA. I just love this shot.

Wow it’s September already?

The legend! Joe from Franklin Plaza.


I don’t even know how these things ended up on me.

Oh hey Alayne!

Enjoying a laugh with the ladies..

The Elario’s lurking in the background.

We almost caught Donna busting a move.

October at Michels wedding. Mirrors are just too easy.

Rocking a 300 2.8

Just another mirror shot.

Hand delivered from the florist herself.

Overnight it became chilly. This was minutes after their first look.

The next day I had myself a nice little canvas to work with.

Floral designer On Thai from Surroundings Floral Studio.

Courtney from Alb Country Club couldn’t understand what the “blue light” was I kept talking about.

My friend Jason tagged along and shot some video of me in action. In this scene we’re outside the brides room but there’s no bride to be found. We had a great 20/30 minutes to chat 😉

Where’s a bridesmaid when you need one huh? Just kidding we’re always happy to help out.

Superstar Tracy from the New York Players and I are always clowning.

The infamous mirror shot at the Hall of Springs.

It’s now October 30th! Wow!

Happy Halloween from Lexie!

I couldn’t agree more with this list. Although you left off “Old time rock and roll” I hate that song.

When its freezing outside I try hard to keep everyone distracted from the cold.

Thats it! It was a fun year behind the scenes!

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  1. Awesome post! Fun to see the behind the scenes of how the magic happens and whatever JP…..I love the electric slide. 🙂

  2. this is such a great blog… I love that you’re willing to show a taste of the behind the scenes part of your work!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  3. actually Martyn , the gray case on the golf cart carries our “pocket wizards” & just happens to be there ,& yes that’s a GMT II – good eye.
    Thanks for the good words all the way from Europe – nice site btw.

  4. You guys have such a great time at weddings and that really shows through how relaxed people are.
    As a wedding “tog” like you guys I just love looking at your kit, Is that a nice “L” in that case next to you on the golf buggy?
    Also I just love the watches, Fair shout Joe you got some collection going on there and I noticed big Joe rocking a Rolex, is that a Sub, Deep sea, or could it be a GMT II, loving the Panerai too…
    Keep it up guys I love this Blog…

  5. That’s superb. What a great behind the scene post. I was looking forward for a video as well !
    Lovely shots. Thanks for posting couple of how the shots look finally as well.

    Big fan of your work. It’s good to see how much fun and smiles that you carry with you all the time.

  6. These are sooo hilarious!!!!!!
    With the running commentary from you, this whole post rocks!
    Man, JP and Joe you both are very handsome! And like you ask “How beautiful is my wife’: Very pretty indeed!
    More please!

  7. I’ve been a long time blog stalker so I finally decided to post a comment! I just had to express how much iIHATE old time rock and roll!! I’m glad you said that.

  8. So fun!! I love behind the scenes shots… I also love behind the scenes videos of the Elarios in action!! 🙂

  9. We do love our profession & all those we meet & work with along the way .
    attn : photogs , the shot of JP, (neon earplugs) dancing : Nikon D3S, at the crazy ISO of 12500 , w/option of going to 125000 ISO .

  10. Love it all, makes me excited for wedding time!! But some reason i LOVE the first pic of the purple room… and then the purple house! i need to know where that is. really enjoyed the stranger who “must” be a blog stalker. And i learned something new woodard has 1 W… clever shot.

  11. LOVE THESE!!!! I love all the ones of Big Joe looking a little startled, confused, or caught in the act 🙂 So great. And yea Big Joe, I know Nikon’s are great shooters, but Andrew and I just invested in our first SLR and it is indeed a canon. And lexie is a cutie patutie. And yes, JP, your wife is beautiful indeed (Hi Kris Ann!). Besides the wedding one, I kinda love the one of her in the truck. Too pretty 🙂
    Al looks great on bended knee – looking like he is proposing to his camera. Great people. And of course JP love that you have your mirror shots. Nice.

    Hey thanks for including the Mona shot that I took! Haha, awesome. 🙂 Yes. Yes it’s true I like making the blogs every now and then. 🙂 I am, after all, the #1 fan. 🙂
    Love seeing the behind the scenes, always makes me smile! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Too many great pics to comment on.

  12. Love this post!! Always a favorite and so happy to have shared so many awesome moments in 2010 with the Elario men! And Jp I will carry anything for you…anywhere! Big Joe- can’t wait to see that tie again! 😉

  13. I laughed at every single one of these pictures….from big joe’s glowing head to Al doing some sweet lunge moves on the altar, kris ann in the truck, and jp you are just a goofball. that was fun, thanks!! 🙂

  14. WOW!!! What and absolutely rock’in year we had out there. There were indeed some really silly things going on behind the scenes during 2010! Can’t wait to get this party started one more time for the 20-11 season. BTW, BIG Joe’s 300mm b&w is my favorite of all, followed closely by your “I don’t even know!” aisle shot. I love the way that bro on the right is looking at you!

  15. Another great year – glad to have been able to work with you two again. My faves:
    Big Joe’s glowing head – Awesome!
    Girl in Blue – I totally recognize that dance!
    Wups – We do that too (a lot)!
    Oh – and the faces of the people looking at you when you’re walking down the aisle with your tongue out – priceless!

  16. love the behind the scenes shot of kris ann eating chips…her face is priceless…’enough already’

  17. Most of the blog posts are of well done classy photos. This captures what the majority of these days are like though. Very cool year in review.

  18. This is always one of my favorite posts and this one didn’t disappoint! So many of the images brought a smile to my face. 🙂 You guys are too funny. Love the “Dr. Elario” shot! Glad Lexi made a couple appearances too. Big Joe with the 300 2.8 – look out! Here’s hoping 2011 brings as many great images!

  19. J.P. These rock, and you can often find Donna dancing at weddings, corporate events, anything. P.S. that’s my handwiritng on the calendar- March 6th was a great party! 🙂

  20. Love seeing all these behind scene images!! It shows people how much fun you guys have while taking all those amazing pictures!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what other blogs you’ll post during the “off” season!