behind the scenes from 2011

Ah yeah! Its that time of year again where I share all these random behind the scenes images from 2011! I first started this annual blog in 2008. Then I posted the 2009 and 2010 as well. They’re fun! This blog is really a year in the works! Every wedding we shoot we hope to come out with some fun behind the scene images. While this is easily my longest post this year I don’t mind it. I was going to break it up into parts but decided not to. When I tell you to sit back, grab a drink and a snack I mean it!


As we know the season started cold! It also started with a photo bomb!

You’re going to see a lot of images this fella Al Woodard as we work with him more than anyone else in this area.

I call this the Alfie slide…

In March 2011 we welcomed Hayden Yund to our wedding scene. It didn’t take her very long to come out of her shell and thats why we love her.

Setting the scene.. freezing my ass off.

Mel & Chris’s wedding. This is what I consider the official kick off to the wedding season since it was pretty much non stop from April thru December this season..

doing what we do..

Big Joe owned a Leica M9 for like 5 minutes, got bored with it and send it back. Thats a common thing with him and his toys.

Al’s another one.. this man buys more cameras than anyone.

After Mel and Chris’ wedding…  our lab Miller’s flew us out to Kansas for a tour of their digs! For a day we got to feel like Jay-Z & Kanye.

Inside the gulf stream… Big Joe and Arnie..

Another Joe from the Millers family and me chilling flying private style. This was easily one of the coolest things that happened in 2011.

Touring Millers Lab, Mpix Pro and Mpix.. This was the gallery wrap room.

They also brought us to a Kansas City Royals game at the K! This was a trip I’ll never forget.

back to reality.. It always seems on a shoot someone shows up when I’m in the middle of doing my thing!

I don’t know a photographer who hasn’t done this shot..

Even in a church and upside down!

Someone told me when you look at the back of your camera its called chimping?

Oh hey Cheryl from CASL

Showing Marie what I wanted her to do here..

I truly consider these girls part of the family. They are the faces I love to see at Saratoga National!

Sean might look like a member of the secret service here but he’s really not as serious of a guy as he lets on to be..

Hahah.. what is he doing?

I’m on a boat!

on my way into Jenny’s wedding!

I’m not even going to lie.. the Saratoga Hilton has the hardest rooms to do a dress shot in. Knowing this I told Jenny to get a dress form for her wedding.

Often a makeup person will ask for a preview of how the bride will photograph.. thats whats happening here..

The making of one of my favorite bridal party shots from 2011..

High five.. and a special cameo of the Mike Emery of the New York Players entertainment group.

Hayden found an air vent and decided to work it.. this was a recurring theme all year. It is called the Hayden wind shot.

say what?

still sliding..

my confident “I got this” face for a ring shot..

Tripod city.

again more of “the photo booth girl”, Hayden.

At Greek weddings the dollars flow.. I could make a joke about Courtney from ACC picking dollar bills off the floor but I’ll be nice.. 😉

another wedding, another hotel room.

“you want me here?”

I’m trying to be all serious and working but you got this one acting a damn fool.

That wife of mine and her faces she makes while she’s concentrating.. Oh thats Maria of Party with Mia on the right..

the Cooperstown wedding!

umbrellas are for girls..

I like this one of us..

up top in a hot balcony with his coat on.. thats dedication!

When Tiffany and George’s classic car decided to stall out on the way to their photo location Hayden jumped out and offered them a ride in my car. Fortunately for them, the car started again.

The famous alley in Troy..

I must say when it comes to hotels in downtown Saratoga Springs I prefer the Hampton Inn.. the room is bright!!

Wedding coordinator Katie O’ is always smiling or should I say “sparkling”

We like to make fun of Katie O’s fanny pack.. 😉 She’s always got something to fix stuff. She’s like MacGyver.

Looking cool while sweating in the July heat.

Big Joe getting the classic b&g shot.

I told you Sean isn’t as serious as his secret service head set makes him look.. He also carried these flowers all night long.


I think I asked Dave & Phil to move like 10 times before they realized they were shot blocking me.

So many cameras.

A little excited over something I captured.

Hayden might kill me for this one but she found another fan for the Hayden wind shot.

Lazy videographers..

One thing about us is we blend in. Never do we show up to a wedding looking like a “vendor”.  It’s actually so I can trick the wait staff into feeding me the butler passed hors d’oeuvre’s.. you know, because I look like a guest and not some sloppy vendor 😉

What the hell are you smiling at?

another Hayden wind shot.

I will teach you how to Dougie..

Alayne from Make me Fabulous..

She’s so fabulous everyone wants their picture with her.

Shot blocker!


Another shot blocker.

Those wedding guests and their cameras..  Is my man serious?!?

My pal, Music Man Mike G!


On Thai of Surroundings taking a much needed break!

What the hell?!? Al forgot to shave!

Feeling tall with my 200 1.8L

Never scared to get a little dust on my fresh gear..

The hurricane Irene wedding. There was no power so Alayne busted out the headlamp!

This looks like a Die Hard movie cover. No hurricane would stop me from getting the shot I wanted!

This is one of my favorites from the whole behind the scenes series..

This is what the wait staff has to do when you best men, maid of honors and parents give 20 minute toasts. Thats why your first course was cold! 😉

Another mirror shot..

Waiting for the bridal party to show up. Amanda spotted them!

The way everyone is smiling tells me I was photographing a kid.. just a hunch.

The walking shot.

I think when this was taken I was talking smack to Cheryl’s camera. Maybe sining? Maybe rhyming something? Maybe we’ll see video of this someday?

A love this one of Melissa and I..

this one too..

I was probably freaking out in my mind here because how the light was dropping and we still needed to do a lot of photos before I could work with just the b&g..

Another Hayden wind shot…


Another bride loving her Fleurtacious Designs..

oh hey another mirror.

Wedding coordinator Christine Wheat trying to control the wind from Lake George.

Where is everyone?


I clearly do not know how to operate a Nikon.

I laughed a lot with Jess and Jason…

Satisfied I got the shot in the good light..

time to cut the cake says the wedding planner.


Suzanne showing me all her little details.

DJ Paul Malo..

Sean yelling at me with 4 gallons of ice-cream in his hands.

One of the Canfield Casino’s many mirrors.

Isabel knew she was wedding #3 that weekend so she bought me a 4 pack of red bull. What a gal!

This was fun!

Showing Dave how I wanted him to sit..

Who invited this guy????????

Cheryl is scared.. I’m clearly acting like I can’t hear anything.

Hi Christine.

This was a cute little moment with C dub and Amanda.

During the long mass we rested our feet..

Shane, stop playing with your ring and rest against this tree.

Ah the configuration..

Nothing but laughs with Phenny..

October 2011 Elario bridesmaid and November 2012 Elario bride steals Big Joe’s camera.


Tony G from the NYP still practicing. He’s hardcore.

My shadow making a cameo.

October 8 2011..  what a beautiful day!

Traci of Saratoga National and myself gossiping during cocktail hour.

oh the streets of Saratoga Springs.

Whats a behind the scenes post without Donna??!? She’s so funny!

Bridal parties love her! This one insisted she get in their photo!

I see ya up there..

I find myself in small places. This was the smallest hotel room I shot in all year.

A cute moment with Natalia and Katie O’

Donna yelling at me for taking a picture of her butt…

I brought Lexie along to Mona’s bump session. She just chilled like a good girl in my car..

Tanya and my talented wife Kris Ann..

a bunch of cold bridesmaids..

probably freezing here Carley never mentioned how cold it was..

Then it snowed and Hayden concocted this getup.

When limo drivers don’t get in our photos and tell us to hurry up they can actually be helpful.

A cold, wet and snowy Elario configuration..

While waiting for the elevator I told Christine my pants were clinging to me she said “I have something for that” out came the static guard. Those wedding planners are saviors.

shooting Marisa’s dress.

don’t leave your camera sitting around or I’ll do this!

Goofy fisheye series..

snacking on some friend dough..

Mrs Yund looking goofed..

bugging with Alfie..

She might kill me for sharing this one..

not bad for November 12…

When the groom gets his solo shots the groomsmen like to bust balls. I too will contribute..

First look behind the scenes..

I felt like a giant next to this car..

relieved that all went great and I got the shots I wanted… it was pretty freaking cold and oh yeah the limo never showed up on time which made us like 45 minutes behind… yeah.

what a clown.

Vinny and Kara.

On Jay St with Ashely and Brian..

In the vault at Key Hall getting my ring shot with a  little help from Emily Miller of Key Hall.

Its like a first look with bride and photographer..

“I want you to squat right down like this.”

last wedding of 2011.. freezing cold..

Alfie and Katie O were on it.

I helped Mansion Catering break down the ceremony because thats what you do!

and I’ll end with the last supper for the 2011 wedding season! Happy Holiday’s ya’ll!!

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