Welcome to my 5th annual behind the scenes blog post!! Its hard to believe this is my fifth one! If you want to take a look back, here are links to my posts from  2008  2009  2010  and 2011. Just so you all know this is my all time favorite blog post every year. For those who have not seen one of my behind the scenes posts let me let ya’ll know how it works. Beginning every year we start a folder called “Random Shots” and throughout the year when editing pictures we move the pics that have us in them, other vendors or anything that was behind the scenes. So thats the content of this post in a nutshell.

The images we capture throughout the season of all of us vendors making brides and grooms weddings come together mean a lot to me. This area is full of the most amazing wedding professionals and we’re honored to spend so much time with you all. Its kind of my way of honoring all the amazing people we all get to work with. These blog posts are always long so sit back, relax and peep the behind the scenes from our 2012 season! Happy Holidays my friends!!


It began on January 14th at Danaea and Mike’s wedding. Myself and Cinematographer, Al Woodard probably capturing some details.

Wedding coordinator, Christine Wheat was ready for what was her biggest season ever with iPad in hand.

Then, I met my twin….

and he took the camera.

Christine and Meredith (September 2013, Elario bride) discussing details before introductions..

A genuine reaction Alayne Curtis of Make Me Fabulous gives all her brides… Alayne is one of the most huggable people in this industry.

Ceremonies over, off to the Hall of Springs!

Where you’re most likely going to get greeted by Miss Donna, or as I call her “Mama” EVERYONE loves Donna.

Us photographers and mirrors.. this was from an engagement session back in April.

again, with the mirrors..

Showing off with his 300 2.8

Ah the red locks of wedding coordination goodness! Miss Katie O’ always is on her A Game. This was our first of 10 weddings this season with Katie O’ who also had her biggest year ever. You brides are all getting very smart hiring coordinators!

Sorry, pops. Its only April…

DJ Music Man Mike Garrasi and yours truly. Mike’s one of the areas best DJ’s and a great guy all around.

Kristi, of Saratoga National is someone who always makes me smile!

This was funny, back in April I wanted to shoot these shoes on this fence and of course you always have Hayden horsing around. I crack myself up!

if I have time in between the church and the venue I’m stopping off for some buffalo chicken pizza! I was laughing because Hayden was in the back seat starving and she cant eat cheese and this was the week my father decided to go “carb free” so I had this yumminess all to myself! I swear I’m not evil.

And the rain came in and swept Hayden away.

Meredith says its this way, Christine says its that way.

Photographing, Shannon with my picnic table shirt on.

Christine Wheat, bustling the bride.

apparently I’m missing a shot here but the guests all have me covered.

On any given weekend you might find wedding coordinator, Christine Wheat going this way….

while wedding coordinator, Katie O’ goes that way.

Big Joe, styling a bridal party photo, he does that so well.

these two and their red hair..

Its rare that I see my wife, Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs (pink apron) during wedding season, unless I’m working with her. That happened 21 times in 2012.

Sometimes instead of calling her “Katie O”  I call her “Katie Go”…. like “Katie Go get me chairs”…  love you 🙂

DJ Vinny Vin of NonStopMusic and his sister Tina of Flawless by Tina goofing around at Polina and Tonys wedding..

Oh and if you need a DJ I got you covered..

or if you’re short a band member Big Joe will fill in.

its not what it looks like..

Mr Nikon and his Nikons..

another Katie O’ loving her job photo.

Kris Ann, hydrating one of her most beautiful bouquets of 2012.

the Canfield Casino has the best bar of all!

another happy bride receives her bouquet hand delivered from my beautiful and talented wife!

Christine Wheat takes out the trash.. haha.. the things they do for us! Love me a wedding coordinator.

They share the same birthday, April 30th.. only 2 years apart too! ahahah

capturing one of my favorite bride portraits of the year.

downstate wedding..

I dont know what I’m trying to tell them..

JP: “So do it like this” ….. hahah

So what if DMB is playing outside your venue? You have the Hall of Springs best, Marianne on your side.

She might be little but she’s kicks butt!

DJ Paul Malo and myself skip “vendor meal” so we can listen to a couple live songs by The Dave Matthews Band.

oh yeah, we photographed a Bat-Mitzvah too!

Mazzone’s finest, Kevin Sykes and Sean Willcoxon making sure Emily’s cupcakes were perfect.

DJ, Jeff Scott and Wade are two fun fellas to work with. Always full of laughs!

Me: “I dont know what I’m even doing”

and now we’ll pause for Miss Hayden Yund and her incredibly amazing goofy faces. If at all we’re taking our job too serious we can always count on Hayden to make us laugh.

Ok when Christine Wheat asked me to help her with the Governors bow tie I got a little nervous.

the making of one of my favorite bridesmaids photos this season..

if you’ve ever worked at the Hall of Springs you’ve seen this board..

Christine and staff making sure all the final details were in place before the big reveal. Oh and Kayla too!

by the end of the wedding me and the Gov were old pals! I wasn’t nervous at all when I asked him to do the “turnaround” with me..

just one more from that wedding because it was kind of a big deal and an honor for us!

Al Woodard making magic happen on July 7th 2012.

July 14th I show Al the magic I made seven days ago.. This now hangs at Saratoga National..

Melissa was an AWESOME bride all around. Seriously such a great personality and totally beautiful!

Having a little conference while Melissa got dressed..

Danielle!!! Danielle was most likely the one running the show at Saratoga National in 2012. We have so much fun laughing with her.

Be careful David, we dont need you breaking something..

this poor bridal party was SWEATING their butts off… this image makes me laugh though, we all were dying!

Katie O’ on the 1’s and 2’s… Fernando is totally confused!

us, photographing Stephanie..

what the hell is he up to now with that little camera?

Again, Hayden shows us how silly she can be.

Scenes from a late July wedding at Saratoga National. Thats Cheryl of CASL Productions and typical moment during our vendor meal, probably on facebook or instagram.

The wedding I half shot and half attended… see my lovely wife?

one of my favorite moments of the season. photographing my two good friends was super fun!

So Jenny and Hayden finished the job so I could party with Dominick.

if theres one thing I learned from this season it is that I need to retire the blue shirt/gingham tie combo..

Katie Go, get me some chairs 😉

It was so fun photographing, Jessica.. loved her gown!

plus whenever I can get on Lake George I love life!

Katie O’ and Chelsea caught sampling the desert station..

Katie, Kate and Kyle… loved that couple too!

Big Joe and his Leica M9

minutes later it poured….

Flawless by Tina and Polina all at the same gig! Oh and Ashley too! I feel so tall for once.

killing time, eating chips and doing the grasshopper dance.

Where’s Jenny? I’m in her chair. Probably late…. 😉 oh and those are probably her doughnuts too.

Meredith making sure Kris Ann brought all the goods… Mere, dont you know Fleurtacious Designs doesnt make mistakes? You knew that because thats why you chose them for your wedding. ;)Oh and the fact that they rock! So what I’m partial to my wife’s business and her amazing talents?

insert short joke here:

Scenes from my birthday, I mean Nicole and Chris’ October 12th wedding.. what a great date! I love the bottom image where Marianne is explaining how to cut the cake and Chris is paying no attention to it at all.

The making of one of my favorite facebook teasers this season..

she might be the captain or whatever they call it but she still makes sure all the work gets done….. gold stars from us, Danielle.

Some of the ladies of Fleurtacious Designs..

Dave Bigler: Elario Blog Stalker.

my lovely wife..

Jamie (of Elario Photography) happened to be the matron of honor at her sisters wedding where she also did all the stationery. She was on her game making sure everything was perfect for her sister!

a few scenes from that wedding. DJ Paul Malo, AL Woodard, Hayden, Fleurtacious Designs and Mazzone. I’d say A Team!

You can all thank Big Joe for catching one of myself and Hayden’s finer moments…. what faces!

Speaking of faces!!

What? I’m just dancing with my bride!!

What are they all looking at?

oh yes…

Final Photo Booth of 2012!!!

and I’ll end with this one.. looking for the nod from Pops… what a season!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Been waiting for days to get a minute to comment. Ok So , I remember our bride from the "perfect wedding snow moment in January." Hayden Yund, I am wondering if we should go back to brunette? I love the faces Kris Ann Elario makes at you when you take her picture. Like "seriously not another picture Joe!" Melissa Fiorenza Cannon and Emily Elmendorf, OMG you two looked even more perfect than I remember! And seriously I want to hug all of you right now! Thanks for a fabulous year and thanks for being such wonderful colleagues and clients but more so for being such great friends!

  2. This blog has been my ultimate wedding reference. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found it. As a out-of-area bride, the detail you take to list vendors and create a story has been so helpful. I'm sad you are already booked for my wedding, but I'll continue to stalk your blog anyways.

  3. Love it, thanks JP. One question, dare I ask what you keep in the bag……..spare lenses/batteries?

  4. Love it! What a really cool way to wrap up the 2012 Wedding Season! Awesome, just awesome! Thank you so much for including me! I love working with you, your Dad and Hayden! What an amazing year! Cheers to 2013! I'll be working with your lots next year! Happy Holidays!

  5. Love those pictures of Melissa with Katie O' and Alayne! All of you were just amazing to work with. Thanks again!

  6. Always love the behind the scenes shots! So many to comment on, but I laughed aloud at the "it's not what it looks like" one. Hahahahahhaaaaaaaa. These are overall so great. I love how you can tell just how much fun you all have together. Also agreed: Alayne is quite huggable. I should know. I'm a hugger. 🙂

  7. I loved looking at this! That's why you are ALL so great at what you do!!! Because you love it and you have fun doing it! What gets better than that?

  8. Love behind the scenes! You guys always have so much fun! I'm positive that's why you always get the best pictures because everyone is relaxed and having a great time. I love every single image, especially the mirror shots, Al and his tiny camera, Katie O and Christine going above and beyond, all the guests taking pictures while you casually look down and obviously Hayden faces! Another great year!

  9. Omg. I. die. for. this. blog. I cannot get enough of the behind the scenes images! So lucky that I get to work with so many fantastic professionals who know how to have a great time while delivering the absolute best for their clients. It really is a fun as it looks in these photos 🙂 Congrats all on a great wedding season!

  10. This is awesome….so many favorites in here! I love seeing the "CW and KO' planner photo on cell phones while driving" since you talked about it so much, the image of Alayne Curtiss in B & W looking at her bride is simply amazing and the redheads forever shot with Laura Remmert Pitti is a fav! I love seeing this and being reminded of all the FUN we have when working together with all of these amazing vendors and some of the best venues! Thank you and Pops for always making it such a great day. Much love and sparkle, Chief Chair Mover, KOWE. xxoo

  11. Awe I love it. Makes me miss our amazing team. Seems like it was a great year for everyone.

  12. Wow!!! Amazing!!! I really love the end of the year blog so much! I feel so lucky to for and with such professionals! 🙂 I think I may have a future as a facial contortionist !!! Lol!!!

  13. Another awesome year in the field with Team Elario! Looks like we nailed it again fellas! Thanks for the memories, and much love to all wonderful couples who allowed us to be a part of their big day. 2013 is coming up quick…rest up while you can!

  14. LOVE! I look forward to this post every year. I can't believe the season is coming to and end. So many great memories and unbelievable images for your team. Thank you for making this year such a success and fun to work at the same time!

  15. Love this post- I'm always looking for Donna- it's amazing you didn't catch her dancing this year JP!

  16. All I can say about this hilarious blog is…CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON 🙂 oh ya and the Elario's rock!