For those who have not seen one of my behind the scenes posts, here is what they’re all about. Beginning every year we start a folder called “Random Shots” and throughout the year when editing pictures we move the photos that have us in them, other vendors or anything that was behind the scenes. This year that folder had thousands of images in it. Narrowing the 2015 season down was not easy! I swear it gets harder every year! We’re so happy to get to work with all the people in this post (and those also who might not have made this year’s post). There is no doubt we have some incredible wedding professionals in this area. We love and enjoy working with you all, year after year. As always, these blog posts are long. So sit back, relax and peep the behind the scenes from our 2015 season!

If you want to take a look back, here are links to my posts from  2008  2009  2010 , 2011 , 20122013 & 2014.


We’ll start with a few that didn’t make it into the 2014 post… this was from my shoot for Profoto. They used this image of Vico and Matt as part of their ad campaign for the new B2 OCF system. So flattered!

When doing a lighting setup we typically do a test shot.. That one of Big Joe is priceless!

December 31, 2014… In Schuyler Meadows Big Joe is caught sitting on the job..

For a lot of the behind the scenes shots where we’re shooting I thought it would be fun to show a little cameo of what image we were making at that time..

Mr Katie O’ might be one of Katie’s hardest working employees…

Cheers to that final vendor meal of 2014..

3 days later we reset and begin our 2015 wedding season..

If you think Big Joe’s Canada Goose AKA “that red jacket” wouldn’t make the post you crazy!

“Let me just get this snowy ice out of your hair, Mollie” what troopers these two were with the snow (and pre-ceremony too!)

Lexie decided to photobomb one of Nina’s photos from our studio session last January.

Kaitlin Marion Bray Nay Nay… or as I call her, “Kurt” is hard at work.

brides like this make the job super easy..

Poor Danielle of Fleurtacious Designs probably doing one of the hardest load in/out of their season.. all smiles doe..

“Katie move that branch please”

DJ Chris of “Love of Music”. This guys good stuff, I love hugging him. 🙂 (yup, I do)

Mr Al Woodard (not Woodward) in the house!

Big Joe doing his thang in that Gideon Putnam suite.

Let it snow yo..

Miss Christine Wheat always hustling for her brides while always smiling too!

Tonya forgot her coat that day..

I must say anyone fortunate enough to get Mazzone’s “Pam” on “bridal” is a lucky person (b&g or vendor). She hustles her butt off.

That time we were all crazy…

If you have something as cool as this at your wedding expect us to take part in it.

None of my children shoots would look as good as they do without my friend Kailin on Simply Scout styling these images.

One of my favorite 1-2 punches in the industry. Kyle Ann Garcia and The one and only Flawless by Tina. Love you chicks!

Sometimes in between shots I like to look off into the distance and have a deep thought.

Little Jake doing his thang…

That Mazzone staff always making us look good. That sunset tho…

Working with this fella is like working with a guy I’ve known my whole life (i kinda have). Nothing but laughs and ball busting.

5 seasons with this crazy girl!!

Vendor meal!

No one on the corner has the swagger like Pops..

Smile, C Dubs!

from time to time I pick that Nikon up…

Heading off to get these two married!

My favorite people to meet on the dock.. Thanks for all the rides in 2015!

Whenever I am out on a boat on Lake George I think how lucky I am to have a job like this.. Seriously.

“hold hands, swag it up and look at each other”

Insert Hayden face:

Sometimes its best to not ask whats going on. I just take the picture and walk away..

We threw some flour this year, Jake wore some.

Elario’s (Woodards and Yunds) do Syracuse!

Jamie, you were such a fun bride!

This guys wondering if its time to go to Starbucks yet..

Nikon, Leica, Nikon, Leica, Nikon, Leica..

Cutting dat cake!

The photobooth is up and ready to roll!!

My little helper..

Polina and Tina! both end in “ina”

If you need that bow tie to be on point Uncle Nate is your man..

One of my top 5 favorite images I created this season..

Hiding from Katie.

“look here real quick”

Don’t even think Steve’s wireless mic was off him yet and Megan W is bustling that gown with the quickness.. reason 8836387 you need a wedding planner.

The making of what is probably my favorite image from 2015.

Jake stepped up his swag in June..

This image does it for me.. Tina’s daughter, Jenna helping out Mom on the job. I started with my Dad at age 11, Jenna is 10. I love everything about this..

Want a straight aisle runner? Hire a pro to drag it down the aisle instead of two hungover groomsmen (sorry they just never get it right).


Church portraits..

Casey running the show right here!

“Just hold hands and walk”

When the dress form doesn’t work and I need the shot. Reason 4336537 to hire a wedding planner.. nice buns, Nate.

Will work for root beer.

She’s a better photographer anyway..

Love those Elario brides (and groom)

The making of another one of my absolute favorite images of 2015..

“Hi this is my office today”

If you’re working on fathers day you might as well work with your Pops!

Best curbside greeting I’ve had all season! Who doesn’t love Frenchie?

Off to tie the knot..

On!! My man! Love this guy (and his work)

Fr/Rabbi/Deacon Teagan. 

Church portraits..

Ahhh take us back to the Lake Placid Lodge..

They make me smile..

How many Fleurts does it take to carry one box of flowers? C’mon girls you know what my wife would say..

Here comes the bride and her squad.

July 2015… my daughter was in there!!!

At SNGC watching how normal people spend their Saturdays..

Photo by Frenchie..

Break it you buy it kid.

Elario brides!!

Having our “pow wow” with Music Man before the night begins.

quite possibly the best photo bomb of 2015. Big Joe aint bashful, if there is nosh he’s eating it.

That time we deviated from the timeline to get a good shot..

“Slam your champagne first”

Love this little pistol. Little Marianne from Mazzone, I feel like we’ve grown old (ish) together.

Vinny Vin will make ya…

She’ll deny it but all that food is for her.

Since he lets me play with his equipment its only fair..

Acting like we’re mad…

Trying to look cool while sweating in that August heat.

Really where the magic happens.. Jake and Jamie made us look good in 2015! Love you guys!

Showing Norman where he had to sit for his Dad’s first look.

and for their bridal party photo.. I can just hear Jamie “Norrrrmaaannnn staaaay!”

Working that downtown stuff.

Team Fleurtacious Designs making Dave’s wedding dreams come true.

When the groom snags your camera and catches you with your squad.

Big Joe in his happy place.

Labor Day weekend.. summers over.

That sunset light tho..

Down in Long Island with my brother from another mother Mr Evan Pierce.

This bride.. love her.

Ruby acting mad tough behind that picket fence.

Werk it!

In the park with Shanna and a Leica.

Mike going for the fist pump and Scooch going for the high five..

Thats a Polaroid, kids.

I told you, I get on a boat on Lake George and I just smile.

She can do it all..

Elario Brides strong at Jaimie B’s wedding. (Mollie you’re on deck, girl)

gearing up for first look in some wind..

Set it up, knock it out.

“Katie, just go stand in the woods”

Kiss the bride.

Panda Booth. Give Hayden a “prop” and she’ll wear it all night.. she once did this with a stick on mustache! 

The thing of 2014/2015 (probably 2016, 2017..) bridesmaids in their matching getting ready outfits.

When Alayne of Make Me Fabulous asks me for that test shot..

“Hold this stuff, Megan.”

Sometimes I hear it and I just can’t help myself.

As Al would say “thats my ending shot right there”

“Where did I put my sunglasses?”

This guy, Music Man Mike.

I only had one golf cart right with my pal Alexis from Erlowest this year 🙁 See you next season!

That time I scratched “hotline bling” on Vinny’s tables for like 30 minutes.


I can say that we successfully didn’t injure any brides and grooms in the making of any photos this season!

That last supper of 2015!

and I’ll end with this.. gotta say, it’s been a great year. Working along side this guy for 23 straight wedding seasons (since I was 11, sh*t I aint that old) makes it fun too. Here’s to 2016 and all the fun it will bring. PEACE – JP





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