belly bump photos with jivon

A question I often get asked is “Do you take maternity/pregnancy photos?”. To answer simply, yes. This is something I’ve done quite a bit of but not often blogged. So former Elario All Star Jivon came in months ago to pick up her wedding books. We all remember Jivon’s engagement session and wedding right? On her way out she said to me something like “by the way, Anthony & I are expecting in September.” I told her, she should have her tummy photographed. She reluctantly said “maybe” while giving me that Jivon look with the eyebrows. Her friends and family know the look I’m talking about. Anyhow, I don’t think a week went by and Jivon emailed me saying she wanted to do some belly shots (haha). What a great moment in life to have documented. Also, Jivon’s a pretty easy subject to photograph. When she opened the door to her house (which is where we shot) I was like “you’re expecting?” From straight on she doesn’t even look pregnant. Anyway we shot this whole thing on the grounds of Jivon and Anthony’s gorgeous brand new home. They had all kind’s of fields and what not. They even have a barn with horse’s (none there that night) and baby goats also known as “kids”! I’m thrilled with these images and appreciate Jivon letting me put these on my blog. Come on though, she looks incredible! So congratulations to Jivon and Anthony, check back in early October to find out what they have.


Last time we saw Jivon.. and Anthony…

See what I mean? From the front she doesn’t look pregnant.


If you read my write up above the look on the right is what I was talking about.

Off to the barn area I just loved this fence.

You make my job too easy Jivon.

While she changed clothes I got to meet the baby goats. I love the chain my man on the right is rockin’ The noises these things make are so funny too.

Theres the belly…

Another great location on their property. I might just show up some day with some subjects and start shooting.

How perfect of a bump? My guess is a boy…. I got a 50/50 shot!

I just love this one…

and this one.

i like this one too.

all the lines are just great.

as I mentioned above, Jivon and Anthony do not know what they’re having. You’ll all have to check back in October when I blog it…..

just know they’re not having any baby goats 😉

next one

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