Best of the First Look from 2013

Time for another best of for you all. In this post it’s a bunch of “first looks” from our 2013 wedding season. Shooting first looks are pretty popular with our brides and grooms, if I had to guess it’s probably a 50/50 split. There are certainly benefits to doing a first look and if ever I push them it’s based solely around having daylight I can use to give you  (hopefully) killer images. So lets check out a little compilation of 2013’s first looks!


Jessica & Tim’s first look at the Crooked Lake House.
How could he not smile like that? She took everyone’s breath away.
Julia & Jon did their first look in the Yaddo Gardens..

I loved this spot for Alaina & Jared‘s first look.
and theres always this image after.. its like the “aaaahhh ok nerves are gone”
Ashley & Will right outside the church they would get married in..
Checking out those ruffles!
Julie & Kevin‘s first look was great! I especially LOVE this one of her. She’s adorable!
I like the people in the window watching along..
Dan exhales as he awaits to see his bride to be..
Clearly he loves it!
Kat & Dan‘s first look surrounded by their crew.
Michelle & Bob‘s was sweet.. She wiped a tear..
while the little dude watched..

A private 1st look for Kate & Ian.
Mike loves what he’s seeing!
Tanya & Chuck‘s first look in downtown Albany (while it was raining behind me)
Emily & Jeremy‘s..
taking in the whole package 😉
Vinny could not keep his feet flat while he waited for Rhiannon..
🙂 on their blog there are a lot more 1st look photos too!
Sarah & Mike‘s 1st look makes me smile.
Lauren & Scott also had a very private first look.. just the two of them…
Pat was super excited to see his girl!
of course he loved it..
and cried a little..
‘s 1st look in Congress Park…
Another satisfied groom.. I mean come on, look at her!
and I’ll end with that “we can relax now” photo… can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!


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