Best of Getting Ready 2013

It’s time for yet another “best of” from the 2013 wedding season! The “getting ready” part of the day is a blast to shoot for me. There’s nothing like showing up to a house or hotel room full of beautiful ladies hanging out with the music bumping and the mimosa’s flowing. I mean, this is how I start my job! No time clocks and cubicles 😉 So in this post I’m sharing some of my favorite images from that part of the wedding day and all from our 2013 season. Hope you all enjoy.


Alex and her girls in their matching robes.. this was a trend I saw quite a bit of last year.
Katie‘s MOH putting on her bracelet.
Meredith was so relaxed and looking amazing here. Loved the little log cabin these ladies got ready in.

A great one as  is exiting her parents room..
 prepping his swag..
Jessica and her girls all had super cute button-down’s and shorts while they got pampered on the morning of her wedding..

I love me a prepared bride like Lauren who had everything waiting for me.
she also had 7 beauties in the house too!
while her husband to be had a pre-ceremony brew..
Alaina reading a sweet card from Jared.

At Tim‘s wedding all it did was rain. When we showed up in the hotel room they all had shades on to make light of the weather and I’m sure the shots helped too 😉
Erin and her ladies.. enjoying a pre wedding snack while all looking amazing..
Kate could not hold back the tears when her veil was put on 
best grooms gift ever!
Rhiannon‘s sister in law (to be at the time) making her extra Flawless (by Tina)
Kate and Alayne (Make Me Fabulous) enjoying a laugh!
Ashley had the dresses hung all pretty so all the ladies stood under their gown (except the little one lol)
Erica and her Mom were totally cute! Loved these two!

Finishing touches for Josepha
Heather and that BLING!
Hilary‘s room was full of fun on wedding day!
Cristine in one of the Erlowest townhouses…

Two pretty  Italian’s Jenny and Tina.

I love me a huge wall of windows to shoot into and I did just that at Julia‘s wedding.

A birds eye view of Julie getting all did..
Dan is now lint free!

Such a simple and beautiful shot of Kate during her bridal prep..

Hey what are you doing under there? ‘s families dog was adorable.

a sweet moment with Lauren and her parents.
Lisa and her Mom getting ready..
Megan‘s pretty gown..

Another, ! I love this perspective of this one and Alayne’s cute flower on her lapel.
Michele and her bridal squad!
Sarah‘s family dog.. so cute.

A favorite of mine from Emily‘s wedding..

Best robes ever at Kat‘s wedding!

You think thats Rita‘s mom? they don’t look alike at all huh? 😉
Sam loves her makeup!
Erin all smiles while putting on her earrings.
Tabitha and that awesome hairdo by Alayne of MMF.
a nice moment with Mom..
Sara‘s bridesmaids I swear were all models and also had the best robes at the wedding!
absolutely gorgeous.. the hair!
hey Eddie!!!
Tanya‘s beauty session from above..

And we’ll wrap with this shot that sums up, Michelle. Super fun!!


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