best of: 2008 party shots

I think party shots are an overlooked category in the blog scene so I feel like sharing some with you. I like to shoot my party shots a certain way to show the movement and energy of what’s happening I think this is the way party images should look, fun. It goes like this, the intro’s are over and the toasts are done. What’s next on the reception agenda besides food? It’s time to get doooown, cut a rug, and act a fool or just dance. So at this point of the night your probably rocking out to sweet caroline, love shack, or sexy back and we’re right there to capture it all. There are no slow songs in this post. It’s all about that party energy and we definitely enjoy capturing this stuff.

By the way, we’ll be in Vegas next week for our annual photo convention. Maybe I’ll blog something while I’m our there so stay tuned.


 You’ve heard me say brides and grooms that dance can make a party. Well heres proof.

This dude was off the hook all night.

Upcoming bride of ours getting down with her lil sis.

There’s usually a guest that break dances…

Or one that does the worm…

next one

behind the scenes from 2008