best of getting ready 2012

This is a fun one. The best of getting ready from 2012. This is my favorite part of the day because its basically when we show up and the photography process begins. I love more than anything walking into a home or bridal suite where the energy is high and the tunes are bumping. When I walk into a room like that it tells me that its going to be a fun day! This is also a fun part of the day because we’re meeting all the bride and grooms friends and family for the first time and again everyone is in such a good mood. Thats why I love my job. Imagine walking into your job every time you go to work and everyone is all smiles and in a good mood. How awesome is that? So in this one its all about emotions, whether its excitement, tears of joy, anticipation or laughter. Sit back and enjoy this best of.


Laura was all smiles and big laughs while her maid of honor got her dressed.

soon to be husband, Joe and the guys getting their suit and tie on..

Usually a bride and any given bridesmaid will exchange a look that sort of says “this is real now”

Megan gets her bouquet delivered by On Thai of Surroundings.

Someone giving the bride a glimpse of her ceremony space.

Dont hurt me Mom! lol..

Polina and Mom fixing her veil.

A cool shot of Tony fixing his cuffs..

In Melissa’s parents kitchen (aka Make Me Fabulous remote salon)..

I think Mom’s enjoy this moment more than anyone.

Lindsay and her sisters open a gift from Chris.

A laugh with a Mother and her two daughters.

Alayne, always smiling…

Mom and Nicole enjoying a little moment.


haha, Sara showing the guns off..

If theres anything annoying about getting ready photos its the hairspray in the air. Oh my it never goes away!!

Although, you can always go outside to do the hair spray thing..

At ACC with Stacey, a little behind the scenes getting ready shot.

Terri had eyes that would stop you in your tracks. So pretty.

A really, really, really, excited bride!!

All the ladies fuss over Megan..

Sometimes those cufflinks can be tricky.

Just a detail of a stunning gown.

Everyone say “awww”

Sweet moment here.

A packed bridal suite!

Sometimes I help with the getting ready too..

Carolyn and Mom work on the finishing touches.

A bunch of fine looking ladies in their button downs.

The Louboutin’s wait..

Danaea, has some incredibly contagious energy!

A sweet moment with Mom..

What was so funny, Christine? I forget.

Ah theres that Flawless girl!

Edda’s, father, Doug thought it would be funny to tell her his pants were too short. Too bad EVERYONE was onto his antics!


Elizabeth gets made fabulous.


Such a fun bride.

The NYC girls eat some pizza before they get dressed. My kind of ladies.

and a toast too.

Jessica and her MOH put on one of my favorite bridal accessories from this season. I loved that bracelet.

My wife, Kris Ann, makes all her brides happy. 🙂


A little perfume!


Kacie was so cute, all smiles!

This is my job, I walk into rooms full of beautiful women.

and a victory from Erica when she opens her gift from Mike!

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