best of the bling from 2012

Ah the ring shot! This is always a fun one for me. It’s also a tough one as I always put pressure on myself to try and do something unique and fresh for each couple. I always tell my brides and grooms its best if they have the all the rings ready in the bridal suite or wherever we’re beginning on wedding day. That way you can insure I’ll capture the rings for you. Also, its nice to have the engagement ring freshly cleaned since it will be under my microscope (macro lens).. Anyway here are some ring shots to enjoy from our 2012 season.


wedding bands on some lace.. Lace was a reoccurring theme with ring shots last year..

When you got bling like Stacey & Matt a simple table top will do the trick

A lot of colorful stickers were found at Sarah & Evan’s wedding so I used them.

Piano keys always look nice with rings on them. This was from Rachel & Lukas’s wedding.

I remember struggling to find something to do with Janelle & Dennis’ rings. Turned out the parasols were perfect!

A request from Rachael & Danny to incorporate their passports into their ring shot. Fun!

The jewelry box was a gift from Chris so it was great for Nicole & Chris’s rings.

Again, lace. It just works. This is from Polina & Tony’s wedding.

A reflection from Meredith & John’s wedding.

Avram gave Shannon a Louis bag when he proposed to her with the ring in it. On wedding day another Louis bag was given as a gift so I put  Shannon & Avram’s rings on it.

I loved Melissa & Matt’s invitation so much I married it with their rings. 

From Megan & Egor‘s wedding I simply put their rings on top of a ring box.

This was fun and colorful so I put ‘s rings on it.

Since it was the ring bearers to carry at Kate & Kyle‘s wedding that’s where the rings went.

Why not a heart for Jamie & David‘s rings?

I love the play on numbers here. This was from Gina & Mike‘s wedding on June 8th 2012.

Book it up! Erica & Mike‘s rings. 

Again another invite I adored would be the home for Jessica & Clinton‘s ring shot.

That bell again, from ‘s wedding.

This toy car was on a shelve and looked perfect for  Edda & Mike‘s rings!

Holy freaking bling! Emily & Mike , shine bright like a diamond! 

Again putting rings on the box they come in for  Christina & Dave‘s wedding. 

A rock with moss on it was the chosen spot for Courtney & John‘s rings. 

Ladybugs were very special to Colleen & Steve
Christine & Tom‘s bling. The black ring was pretty cool.

Another lace for ‘s rings.

Checkmate. Jessica & Brian‘s rings. 

Just a little dish for Jennifer & Ryan‘s rings. 

Some sparkle for Heather & Mike‘s rings. 
Emily & Mike, glad we booked this wedding 😉

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