best of: the girls

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I blogged. Actually it’s only been 15 days, I guess thats long. It is a half month! Let me say sorry. Sorry. Anyway, last week we we’re all in Las Vegas for WPPI, it’s an annual convention/trade show/party thing all of us photographers attend. I all learned some new stuff, got some great ideas and met and hung out some really great people in the industry. I always feel some sort of a refreshed perspective when I get home. I’m all charged up and ready for this 2009 season to get into full swing. I also gambled a little bit, come on it’s vegas. I’m already looking forward to next years event. So since I talked about Vegas, heres a picture of my favorite neon. Something vegasy for ya!


Ok so on with the blog. I wanted to share some of my favorite images of the brides of 2008 and their bridesmaids. This collection of images can definitely fall into the relaxed or fun category. Typically when we’re photographing the bride and her bridesmaids we get those “safe” shots and then try to have a little bit of fun and get everyone to loosen up. Those are images I tend to blog because the ladies always seem to look more natural and relaxed to me. With this blog I wanted it to be all fresh images so I didn’t just grab an image from a past blog. Some may be similar but this is the first time I blogged them. So enjoy them.

By the way, I got some cool ideas, and fun posts coming real soon. So you know the deal, check back often.


These green dresses were too cool. What a fun color to photograph.

About 30 minutes after this image was taken the lake got pounded with rain. So the ceremony got moved indoors but later in the evening I caught a small window of time when it stopped raining. Love the images.

From the second we walked into the bridal suite this crew was all energy. Seriously they had the music cranking and were all about the fun factor. I highly recommend this mood. It sets things off on a high note and calms the nerves a bride might have.

I know Amys bridesmaids thanked her for the short dresses on this hot July day.

I swear they were all blowing me kisses. Ok, so maybe they were blowing kisses to big Joe.

Sometimes we tell the bride to pick a few girls for different combos, for example the college friends.

I gotta tell you, the color Lindsay picked for her bridesmaids gowns was my favorite to photograph. Something about that color against almost anything was sweet. It just popped.

Another fun color straight out of Jcrew.

At Kate’s wedding the rain came out only for a short time which forced us inside but the window light was sensational.

Is there room for one more?

The classic September look and feel.

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best of: 2008 party shots