blog turns 3 today!

Bloggin’ weddings got hot really in probably late 2007, it was this new awesome medium to share your most recent work as soon as you shot it. Back in the day on our old website we used to update images weekly anyway but there was no way of telling people there was new stuff out there. I used to put something like “new images on page 20 of our galleries!” but who knew how much traffic that received anyway. So as soon as I figured out all about bloggin, what a blog was and how to blog I never looked back. My father actually says “you’ve created a monster” and I totally did. It’s all about feeding that monster too because an idle blog is boring. I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself and this is a big accomplishment for me. It’s so unbelievably flattering that I have you all who “follow my blog”. Really. That means so much and I can’t thank you enough for showing up every week, looking for something new and of course “leaving love”. You guys wouldn’t believe the amount of traffic I get on here, its crazy so thank you for coming by. I’ll also say bloggin has forced us to step up our game on shooting day as well. Always thinking of new, crazy ideas to blog and let me tell you this off season I have tons of topics, rants, raves and ideas to blog about.

So today October 23 marks the 3rd year of the debut of our blog. As you’ll see from my very first post this blogs come a long way. Its funny too how I didn’t write all that much either back in the day. I was blog shy then but not so much anymore. And yes I know I make all kinds of grammar errors and mistakes too! It’s all about the photos ya’ll. So anyway I just wanted to share the blogs birthday with you all and say THANK YOU again for continuing to visit which forces us to raise the bar.

Since all blog posts need a photo enjoy this photo of our 9 week old French Bulldog “Lexie” yes, as in Rolex. Hey what can I say I dig a nice time piece.

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