bride & groom portraits 2008

What’s up everybody? Sorry for the delay on a fresh new post, but thanks for your patience as well. I do have something pretty cool around the corner as well and can’t wait to share it with you all. Also I wanted to thank you for all the feedback on our engagement photos.

So in this post I wanted to share some bride and groom solo portraits. We always try to achieve a relaxed and real look when taking almost all our photos. Personally I think portraits as well should look natural, fun, relaxed and real. I thought I would share some of my favorites from 2008. So here they are.


Sometimes I like to pair a portrait with a detail of some sort, flowers are always great.

Or you can pair a portrait with a pair of Jimmy’s.

I love the lighting in these.

But with all that bling in these two photos you might need some shades.

Sometimes pairing the location or a detail from the day is a nice contrast.

This bride took care of her man, not only the Rolex Submariner but the monogram cufflinks. Ladies, take notes.

The ice storm wedding…

Who could forget the vintage themed wedding…

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