best of: brides & their fathers

When I am not sitting in front of my twin 30″ cinema displays designing your books, I’m always thinking of new post’s to put on the blog. With the wedding season quiet right now I will be posting some “best of” posts. Remember you saw it here first.

I think you will like this post because brides have these special interactions with their fathers on their wedding day. These are the shots that say it all when it comes to brides & their fathers. Its our job to capture these moments and here are some of the best moments of 2007.

Enjoy & check back soon for the next post-


Note: clicking each image will show a caption if I feel necessary to explain the image, others speak for themselves.

abigail & dad dance it was very important to cheryl for us to caputre dads first glimpse this is one of my favorite parts of the wedding to capture dad gives kim a kiss when she comes down the stairs - never ever staged I love this shot of kim & her father watching the mother son dance just a snap I snagged right after the formal photo of melissa & her father you gotta love sabrina's expression just moments before shes walks down the isle

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