Brooke & Mark’s Crooked Lake House Wedding Photos

Let the violent dancing begin! Just kidding, sort of. I'm excited to finally be able to share Brooke & Mark's Crooked Lake House Wedding Photos with you all. We've only been waiting 6 months for this one. Why you might ask? Read on...

On 8/21/13 I learned of Brooke’s injury. She was out celebrating her bachelorette status and while busting moves broke her foot. That day I dubbed her “Brooke, the violent dancer” or “Broke Brooke”. These two were set to tie the knot on Friday September 13th 2013 and decided having a wedding with a boot on and crutches was not going to be any fun. What happened next was one of Brooke’s bridesmaids, Elise came to the rescue and helped find a date when Brooke would be healed and that all of us vendors were open for. Thats where “#taketwo328” came from. We just needed to keep Brooke in a bubble for the next 6 months.

We finally made it to the wedding day with no injuries or setbacks. Brooke’s foot was healed and all were ready to celebrate for these two. We set off the day at Brooke’s parents home in Troy before heading to their church. While the church filled up I could not help but smile. There were so many “Elario Alumni” in the building and it was great seeing everyone again. In church I think Brooke was so eager to finally say “I do”, she did when not even asked by the priest, so funny.

It had rained all day and was a bit chilly, but when we got to the The Crooked Lake House the rain stopped. It was a break from mother nature and also just in time for our photos! The whole place was beautifully decorated by Party With Mia with touches of fun signs and stationery items by Life of the Party Details and Design. All were ready to party hard. Vinny Vin absolutely crushed the wedding. Not only was the dance floor packed, the highest energy dances were in a concentrated are right in front of Vinny’s booth. It was so much damn fun watching all these people live it up. After all they’ve only waited 6 months to party. 😉

Brooke and Mark, I’m so happy you guys made it down the aisle and without crutches. Your wedding was a freaking blast! I think we should all do it again right? Thank you both so much for having us! I hope you’re enjoying Aruba and can’t wait to see Brooke’s violent dance moves at the next wedding.


Where we last left off with their engagement session..
Wedding day getting ready details..
The ladies in their getting ready gear.
The gown and some beautiful flowers by Party With Mia.
Getting Flawless (by Tina)
A gift from Mark.
love it.
She smiled all day..
Lou!! We all loved Brooke’s father, Lou.
pretty pretty!
Meanwhile at the church..
Mark on deck with Brother and best man, Chris.
She made it down the aisle with no crutches!! 😉
Brooke throws in an extra “I do”
more smiles..
They love it!
Mr & Mrs..
1234567890 groomsmen…
looking good on the lake!
Oh hey there!
love this one!
my favorite..
another favorite of mine..
so sweet.
working it…
Fun details!
Seeing their room with the lovely woman in charge of decorating it.
Boom! Looking good!
Loved those little wood boxes..
love it.
As if these two were not ready to party!
1st dance.
Cheers!! I spy another Elario couple at the head table and a future one as well 😉 (no pressure)
My highlight of the night… There was a total of 10 Elario Alumni couples in the house!! A team!! You’ve all been so great to us and we’re honored to have worked with each one of you. I love how they all stick together! In chronological order…  Jivon & Anthony, Melanie & Chris, Tiffany & George, , , Melissa & Matt, Domenica & Tony, Kat & Dan, Lauren & Neil
Party time!
The Elario Photo Booth was CRAZY!! and I am in love with this brand new drop from drop it MODERN called “lovelace” (all images can be found here)
fun stuff..
Love you guys!
Coming soon to the Elario blog…
congrats you two!!


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