brooklyn style engagement session with elizabeth & adam

Hello there people! Well I got a good one coming at you today. Thats right another hot NYC engagement session. This is becoming quite a trend with the JEP brides. Since most of our b&g’s live away from the area and a lot of those people happen to live either in NYC or the NYC area more people want that NY NY flavor. I love it. It’s great to shoot in new places too. What’s also great? Elizabeth & Adam. Yup, in just 19 days well be heading down to Westchester to shoot their wedding! Why so last minute on the e shoot? Well for starters nailing down a date thats worked for us all had taken quite some time. But a week ago today we finally got on the same page and knocked it out of the park. You might all recognize “Elizabeth” well her name at least. She’s what I call a Mona in the making. Relax Mona, you’re still Mona. What I mean by that is Elizabeth who will from this point on will be referred to as “Libby” comments on every blog I post. She’s a faithful blog lover which makes her awesome. Adam too, is a great guy and very fun. He was all smiles throughout this whole session, even while trying to dodge the psycho bicyclists on the Brooklyn Bridge. Seriously bicyclists, you take your commute too serious and nice helmets too by the way. Anyway Big Joe even ventured down to this session too and we had a blast photographing these soon to be newlyweds. We both look forward to August 21! Thanks for being awesome.


Oh hey there!

Just a gritty NY side street.

The great thing about shooting in the city is the way buildings turn into natural reflectors. It’s just awesome.

They know how to ham it up for sure.

Such a great spot outside NY’s City Hall..

How fun are they?

A couple b&w’s

How could we not use this spot?

Look at Libby working the legs.

love. the. light.

Oh yeah. One of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Also one of the most difficult places I’ve ever shot. Seriously between all the people and the bikes its a tough spot to shoot.

Libby’s in the bike path. I’m surprised some biker didn’t highjack my shot.

I love these two side by side.

LIbby and Adam live on the edge. LOL. I was like “would you mind sitting up here?” to Libby she just hopped right up. I love people who are up for anything!

I think this might be my fav from the whole shoot.

This one’s pretty tight too though.

Come on! I love these damn images!

This is a must get kinda shot if you shoot on this bridge.

Libby is such a poser. She knows how to work the camera.

What a fun couple!

Nothing like a cobblestone side street…

Got flowers?

This is the last light of the day… That low warm July sun.

I loved these doors.

Libby’s blue just screams off that black backdrop.

what a happy couple..

holler at your “bling shot” see you guys in 19 days!

next one

deah & chris tie the knot…