bump photos with mona!

Anyone who’s been visiting this blog since November of 2008 might recognize a frequent commented named Mona. Mona is our #1 blog stalker of all time. I actually did a blog post on her back in August of 2009 to introduce everyone to her. Then later that year I photographed and blogged her and Andrew’s engagement session. A couple months after that they tied the knot and you know we were there for that! In fact that was two years yesterday! Happy Anniversary Mona and Andrew!! You also might remember a fun post Mona did last year called “Mona’s top 13“. Ok so now that we’re caught up lets get you caught up with Mona and Andrew!

Mona and Andrew are excepting a little girl in the months ahead. Mona actually teased the news in a blog comment a while back. I didn’t even catch on. I typically just see a comment come in from her and click approve and then read them later. Mona and I have become friends over the years, we’re always texting and what not but one day I received a phone call. Mona wanted to deliver the news to me that her and Andrew were expecting. I was super excited when I found out and my next question was “So, are we going to capture the bump? I mean we kind of have to keep your yearly appearances up on the blog”. Β That brings us to the images below. Mona was traveling from NYC to Boston for some medical conference and made a pit stop in Albany for about two hours just for these photos. It was a rainy and cold night too! Not pouring rain but misty light rain. We only had one chance to capture these so we went for it. I love that Mona and Andrew have yet another chapter of their lives captured by us! As always Mona, it’s a pleasure. You’re an awesome person and I can’t wait to see you and Andrew holding that little girl. Congrats again!!


Yup. So here’s the bump..

A nice b&w..

I just love the tones in this one…

Another favorite from this set..

A mini blog stalker in the making.. a Mini Mona! πŸ˜‰

I love the white… so simple and showed the form perfectly.

This is easily my favorite one. I just love it.

New outfit..

It was raining here and super duper dark but it worked!

One more… to be continued when Mini Mona arrives. πŸ˜‰

Ok one more. I was obviously having a bad hair day lol.. How awesome are those big eyes?

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