Having loved everything about my first shoot with Cailey (have a look here), I knew I wanted to photograph her again down the  road. When planning my travels for WPPI I remembered that Cailey had moved out to Vegas (which is why I originally photographed her). I knew shooting in the desert would be nothing short of magnificent so I contacted Cailey and said “lets shoot again”. We had no plan other than getting in a car and driving away from the strip into the desert. I knew she’d bring it, so the rest was fun and easy. But because rain seems to follow me everywhere wouldn’t you know it rained just for us? Why not right? There was no rescheduling since my calendar was jammed for the remainder of our trip (which was perfect weather by the way). Whatever, I think having the rain in this location was more interesting for the end result. It made for some wonderful colors. So without any more chatter here’s another personal project from me.


Let’s set if off with these..

It was crazy how low and dense the clouds were, as you could see no mountains yet.

I looooove the b&w’s..

Shielding the rain a little..

This portion of the shoot was beyond gorgeous. I loved it.

See the raindrops? 

My favorite image… 

love this one too.

Cailey makes all her jewelry (everything in this shoot) check out Sage And Brass Adornments really nice stuff. 

As you can see it got a little brighter as the rain letup for  bit.. 

but the hair was no doubt soaked at this point so why not smile about that?

what’s so cool about this shoot is how the mountains begin to become more visible as we move forward.

I love all the sand.. it’s a nice break from our green grass although I’m sure the residents of  Nevada have grass envy.

such a pretty place.

If you look close you can see the raindrops.. it started pouring hard at this point of the shoot..

Once the rain stopped (right at the end of the shoot of course) the mountains became more visible…

and thats it!! thanks again to Cailey for making it easy. 


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