I know most of the people who visit my blog come here for the pretty wedding photos or engagement shoots but I thought I'd switch it up today and share something a little different. It's fun to take a step back and photograph something you normally wouldn't. A few days ago I did just that...

As a working professional photographer we all get into a groove of shooting the same stuff consistently well because that’s what our jobs are. I’d say nine times out of ten my job is to capture two people’s special day whether it’s a wedding, engagement shoot or the joy of welcoming a new baby into their lives. I remember when I was a kid people would ask my father (Big Joe) if he was a wedding photographer or refer to him as a wedding photographer. He’d always reply “No, I’m a people photographer.” That always resinated with me and I’ve thought pretty much the same thing. Yes, if you ask anyone if they know JP & Joe Elario (of course assuming they know us first) they’d probably say “oh the wedding photographers?” and that’s cool because I love being known as that too, however, it doesn’t stop there. I too am a “people photographer”. I often see interesting people who I think would be great to photograph which is how I met Cailey. We’ve been friends on instagram for years now and also have some mutual real life people connections too. When I learned Miss Cailey was moving across the country to Las Vegas I thought it was now or never. So I asked Cailey for a couple hours of her time and below are the results of that. I will say it was quite refreshing to pick the camera up and shoot something for myself. There were no expectations, pressures, deadlines and the outcome can be whatever I wanted it to be. In the future I plan to do more shooting for myself for a couple reasons, first I love it and secondly it’s like exercise for my creative side. I hope you all enjoy and love these images as much as I do. If not, don’t worry, it’s back to weddings and the lovey dovey stuff next week.


Meet, Cailey..

I shot at this location since I was a kid (when I did this for fun) and I always love shooting there.

I love these two processed this way. Love them!

Ah the light! It came out for like 5 minutes during our shoot..

I love the juxtaposition here…


I teased this one on my FB and instagram (jpelario) yesterday. Thank you all for the kind words.

Cailey has incredibly enticing eyes..

this is another one of my top favorites from the session.. who’d a thought a portrait with a 24mm 1.4L would be so sweet?

a little series..

Did I mention it was a beautiful night too?

one more..

keeping with the funky processing I’ll end with the turnaround! Thanks, Cailey! Safe travels to VEGAS!!


next one

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