Caitlin & Justin’s Barns at Nipmoose Engagement Photos

I was back at my favorite place last week for Caitlin & Justin’s engagement photos. And when I say “favorite place” I mean it. If I had to pick my top 5 favorite locations to shoot at this would be one of them. Maybe someday I will get to shoot a wedding here.  The foliage was as nice I have ever seen it for Caitlin & Justin’s Barns at Nipmoose engagement photos. Talk about nailing peak timing! Obviously I had a blast shooting these two because how could you not? Cant wait to get them back in front of the camera for round two next August! Thanks so much for having me, see you soon!!


Meet Caitlin and Justin!

As you can see in the distance the color was on point for us.. thats just a  taste of color.


love it.

Corn crib!! 😉

The aspen grove never disappoints.

An easy favorite right here.

Outfit #2

I just love this corn crib. I want it in my backyard.

We tucked back inside for a few as the wind got a little crazy.

She’s so pretty. Justin is one lucky man.

And then the sun came out..

I love everything about this image.

and this one..

Just gorgeous.

OK. I just have too many damn favorites in this shoot!!

Embrace that wind 🙂

and as I always end my e shoots with my token “bling shot”

and the turnaround! 🙂 see you guys soon!!

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