OK next up is Carley & Bobby’s wedding! Man oh man! SNOW in October? Word. Who would have thought we’d get snow on Saturday October 29? Not me! I hope this isn’t a sign of whats ahead for our long winter. Anyway we showed up at the hotel and there really wasn’t much talk at all about weather. Carley was as cool, calm and collect as they come. She was also looking fabulous thanks to Amy and Sue of Make Me Fabulous. She was ready to become Mrs Digeser! But first we headed outside across the street from the hotel and took some pics of Carley and her ladies. All the girls were so pretty and photogenic as were the flowers from Ambiance Florals and Events. Then it was off to St Thomas in Delmar for the ceremony. Bobby was a little antsy greeting almost every guest who showed up. Usually grooms chill in the back of the church but I think he was so excited for the wedding he couldn’t sit still. While the ceremony took place the snow began to start. After the ceremony I asked Carley and Bobby if they were cool shooting in the snow. Without skipping a beat they were like “yeah!”.  So we wrapped up the family photos in the church then headed to Troy.

Now we’re heading to Troy and on the way there I noticed what was large pretty snowflakes in Delmar began to change to more of a wet snow consistency. Whatever. We went for it. I think their limo driver thought we were all completely nuts. As did some of the residents on the street we were shooting on. One even let us use his foyer. What a nice guy huh? Hayden commented many times throughout the day how awesome Carley and Bobby were by never complaining at all about the weather. They took what mother nature gave them and embraced it. So what if the dress might have gotten wet? So what if it wasn’t a blue sky fall day? I think the images we got are way more interesting and romantic than the usual predictable stuff. This why I love what I do. You never know what your going to get and every wedding is different. After we got back and they all dried off I noticed the iconic alleyway at Franklin Plaza looked incredible so I asked Carley and Bobby for one more shot. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t so thank god we went back out. It’s hands down my favorite image from the day and pretty much sums it up for me. After that it was officially party time. Franklin Plaza served the food, Elite Sounds played the music and Hayden held down the Elario photo booth. Carley and Bobby, I can’t thank you enough for everything. You both rock for braving the elements! We really enjoyed working with you both! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


We’ll set it off with some bling..

Carley, complete with her Mrs Digeser starter kit. 😉

Who doesn’t love being made fabulous? Sue put the finishing touches on our stunning bride.

Getting ready.. we all loved her gown..

I like this little smile given by Dad..

How many cans of that hairspray you think MMF goes through a year?

You look great  girl!

Hey ladies!

Working it in the freezing cold..

Is it me or do we get spoiled over here with these beautiful brides?

One more.. her blue eyes really pop here.

St Thomas Church..


I love this moment with Dad and Carley.. fixing her veil before they head down the aisle.

The happiness is awesome.

Mr & Mrs..

Mad props to you all for braving this wacky weather..

Halfway working this spot we had to move because the people came home and had groceries in their hands. Wups!!

I love all the images from this little series…

Now and fall in the same photo.. I just thought that was so cool.

The gentleman who lives in “185” was awesome. He saw us out on the street getting drenched and let us use his foyer for a few images. People can be so nice!

I love this one..

Ah the color.. this one is another favorite of mine..

A little Elario configuration in the wet snow. Why not?

As I was taking this image a girl came up and snapped this. Then she told me she was a blog stalker and apparently a friend of mine on facebook too because within minutes a notification came on my phone and told me Jona tagged me in a photo with this caption “look who I found out playing in the snow! congrats to the beautiful bride and groom” Jona, thanks for snapping this and for following the blog! You rock! Ok can we just chuckle for a minute at Hayden’s get up? Nice Hayden!

The result..

As I mentioned in my write up. This image sums the day up for me. Carley and Bob were there to get married and nothing was going to stop them. They were oblivious to the weather.. I love this and thats why it was my facebook teaser.

One more…

The Franklin Plaza..

Entering the room!

First dance..

Partying like crazy!

Carley and her twin sister Marke

Oh you look familiar?



How cute are they?

Did Hayden tell you act like bunnies or something?

Yup, its official! Congrats guys!!

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  1. Loving this dress on this bride!! One of my favorites! And I couldn’t agree more with Mona — this bride and groom didn’t let the weather ruin their day, and embraced it! And from that, JEP gave them one of the best images on the blog this year! That shot of them in the alley, with the rain – what a memorable shot!! LOVE this blog post! 🙂

  2. wow! thanks SO much JP! i love the moments with my dad and those alley shots…so glad you grabbed us to go back out! I knew a little rain/snow would totally be worth it with JP Elario as our photographer…nothing a little hair curler couldn’t fix!

    the bridesmaids dresses are from Angela’s Bridal =)

    thank you Make Me Fabulous and Angela’s Bridal…you guys are amazing!

  3. Wowwwwwwww! WOW!
    Ok, Carley and Bobby… just… wow. I don’t know where to start. No wait, I do. Ok here goes:
    My ltitle thing about weddings: It is NOT JUST THE WEDDING, it is what it means. You are getting married to your love, with all your closest friends and family there. It is a moving, amazing event to join families like this. Sometimes I feel like people forget this (not our elario brides of course)… but let’s just say, Carley and Bobby, the fact that you “get” this jumps off the screen. You don’t look one bit perturbed by the weather. That is awesome. Because you know why? Hurricane, early snow, whatever… the fact is, you two are married 🙂 You two look so so into each other and full of love, the pictures capture this beautifully. Does the snow make for real pretty pictures? It absolutely does. But the fact that you two look so easy going about it – even better. These are beautiful, romantic, one of my faves.
    And everyone, did you see her hair later? Did it look like she’d been rained/snowed on? not one bit. Amazing.

    Details: I do love the one with all the colors. So so great. So many dimensions. LOVE the teaser. Love everything about this one. Carley you look beautiful, your girls look beautiful, the guys look sharp – bobby really looks so happy and excited (I especially love the one up at the aisle). Oh and your dad just taking in the vision of his daughter… so sweet.

    Really, this has just a great feel overall. 🙂 Can’t say enough. Congratulations on a beautiful day (I said it, it looked like a beautiful day) 🙂

    JP – just so you know everytime you write “Hey ladies” as a caption, that Beastie Boys song goes through my head 🙂

  4. UM Dayum, JP. you knocked it outta the park here…wow…absolutely love the cake shot where the lights lead up to the cake in the back of the photo….and the bride and groom…stop finding models to shoot, will ya??? absolutely love the color scheme for this wedding-the bouquets–:swoon: the dad’s emotions are great, the happiness, love, fun of this couple and the whole day just emanates through the entire blog…another fabulous blog, JP!!!!!!

  5. OMG Carley, This is one of those posts that I keep going through again and again, because I can’t decide which ones I love more!! They are allllll so much fun!!! and you are just as cute and beautiful as Suzan and Amy kept telling me all this week!!!! Ok so JP I did the math… we have 10 stylists who go through a can of spray per wedding atleast. We do over 200 weddings per year… so that equals more than 2000 cans a year! Holy Cow!

  6. What AWESOME photos! love all the shoutouts! thanks Joe! I was a big fan of their positive energy and love for eachother! Your photographs are so warm and romantic, you never let the cold show, not ONCE (and somehow never made fun of my stay warm get up!). Carley, you are just stunning, inside and out and Bob you may be one of the best hosts – you really did greet every single guest! I am so happy for you both!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful WARM honeymoon! xoxoxo

  7. Love the pics of the snow/rain. Big props to the B&G for braving the weather to let JP get those AWESOME pics!

  8. Ok, these rainy/snowy 2011 weddings have been my favorites – hands down! The alley shots are freaking awesome. And Carley doesn’t have a single hair out of place?! Amazing!

  9. This is a wonderful blog JP. To what looks like an even more wonderful wedding! Snow?! What snow?! All I could check out was how beautiful and in love these 2 are! Congrats to them both!