BOOM! Here is a wedding I could not wait to share with ya’ll. The finale of our 3 wedding weekend! Carolyn & Dominck’s wedding easily ranks in as one of my all time favorites. The energy at the Canfield Casino was on level 12! Seriously when our wedding comes in March I hope the Casino is as rocking as there’s was. Sit back and relax cause its a long one folks!

The day began for me when I texted Dominick or Nick or Nicky in the AM and said “Is today not the exact same day as it was last year if not better? See ya at the church player.” The reason for that text is because I shot their engagement session the exact same Sunday the year before. During their shoot I was like man if you guys get a day like today you’re golden. Golden they were! I mean seriously who gets 60 plus degrees in early November twice? Anyway, we hit up the hotel where Carolyn was getting her “fabulousness” on by Alayne of Make Me Fabulous. Some sick Manolo’s waited in a bag in the next room for me to photograph. Big Joe stepped out to scout a location for our bridal portraits. He found an awesome gritty white wall which worked perfect when you added the bridal party in front of it. So perfect that it went with Carolyn & Dominck’s b&w theme. Did I mention the sparkling Katie O’ was on the scene coordinating this whole day? Brides, listen up! Get a coordinator of some sort for your wedding day 10 out of 10 photographers agree that you need one. You also need some Fleurtacious flowers from Kris Ann. Her designs were simply elegant and perfect. Rock on babe! So after some of my favorite bridal portraits of 2009 we headed up the street to meet up with Nick for the guy shots. Nick was ear to ear smiling not only because 4 days before his wedding the NEW YORK YANKEES clinched World Series #27 but also he was showing me off his bomb wedding gift from Carolyn. You know what time it is right? Yeah its time to give props to Carolyn for hooking the man up with a sweet 46mm Breitling divers watch. A great time piece to say the least. Nick looks good sporting it too. So there ceremony was great and got done just in time for that good good light I always talk about. We hit up the spot we did their engagement session at and tore it up! The shots of the two of them are just nutty! The light could not have been more perfect. When they arrived at the Casino their staff from Yono’s & dp’s we’re on hand with some of the yummiest creations for cocktail hour, including the infamous dp kobe beef sliders. The ballroom was looking awesome. Kris Ann outdid herself on this one. As guests entered the room to the sounds of The New York Players they had the option to grab a quick photo in the Elario Photo Booth or sit down. The photos are great from the photo booth, so fun. So Carolyn and Nick’s entrance ranks as one of my favorites simply because as the horns hit for Michael Jacksons Thriller Dominick was jumping up and down so pumped to get in that room. The energy was off the hook and never dropped off all night long. Seriously the Casino was built for the NY Players and thats why they’ll be on that stage March 6, 2010 when Kris Ann & myself make that same entrance. The food never seemed to stop and the dancing went into the night. Wonderful event!

I can’t say enough great things about Carolyn, Dominick & their families. Really just an awesome way to spend a Sunday for us. I know right now Carolyn’s sitting somewhere in Napa franticly hitting refresh on the computer awaiting this post so I’ll stop talking now. Thanks again and congrats to the awesome couple. On with the photos!

Enjoy, leave love,

The shoes! The what? It’s gotta be the shoes.

Weekly Alayne shot here!

So many buttons.

Some Fleurtacious creations…

Love this…

A behind the scenes of the grittiness….

She’s working it… yup!

The guys..

You know what time it is… The image on the right is classic Dominick. You’ll never see him without a pocket scarf or without a big time piece.

Waiting for his girl..

A little emotion.

How awesome is St Marys?

I love when a big bridal party stands across the alter during the vows.

Classic bride & groom.

Seriously they didn’t stop smiling. Maybe it was my bad jokes?
Remember this?

Same spot.

Yeah I love these two… the photos not the couple…. nah I love them too!

A wedding bling shot… See Carolyn’s awesome bracelet? Nice gift from Nick.

Fav bridal party image of 2009… Its going to make the wall for sure.

Not a prettier room around… in my opinion.
Fleurtacious Designs really outdid themselves.

The most awesome entrance. Nick in mid air is great!

One of my favs from the whole day.. I think this is wall print worthy too!

Right now you might be saying where’s the ring shot?

No photoshop here.. The Players got some crazy light.

Last song..

Oh and if this post is not long enough. There are 414 images waiting for anyone and everyone to go look at… Their photo booth was another great success. How bout Janelle working it here? Ok so go HERE and type in username: pbPurnomo  password: 4741

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  1. “Joes Elario”,

    Once again, I can’t express how happy we are with all 1,500 photos!!! It’s amazing how many people your blog reaches as we have not only been complimented by close family, friends, and guests at the restaurants but by complete strangers who have seen the blog and have told us in person how much they loved the wedding and enjoyed your great work. Thanks again and we’re looking forward to another excuse to throw another great party!!!

  2. Will go down in history as the BEST WEDDING EVER…… had to be there to appreciate. I was, I did, and I want more!!!!!!!!!!!! REDO!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats to a job well done! Beautiful bride and handsome groom…I truely appreciate the smiles stuck to their faces! Hope they have them for many, many happy years! LOVE the ring picture!

  4. Amazing as usual!! The damask details and their color scheme are beautiful. Such a fun and good looking couple!

  5. joe – the pics are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nicky & carolyn i love you! and im glad to see i made it to the last dance….there is proof!! :):)

  6. another silent blog stalker who has to “leave love”…Shoes for wedding day, couple hundred….Wedding rings,a few thousand….Once in a lifetime moments captured by JE Photography, PRICELESS……

  7. Beautiful wedding and an awsome couple. I really enjoyed seeing these photos… It really brings me back!

  8. WOW! Another amazing wedding – nice work JEP. LOVED the wedding party shot on the steps. Looks like they had a blast. Kris Ann’s centerpieces were awesome….. and photographed beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!

    The more blogs you post, the more I cannot wait for January! Especially seeing the New York Players in action…looks like the reception was a blast.

    Congrats to the bride and groom…. fabulous dress!!!! What a way to start your forever!!!

  9. Joes…where do I even begin? This blog post is awesome! You captured the overall amazingness (yep I made the word up) of the day. To have Dominick & Carolyn as the first official “Katie O'” bride & groom was amazing and having your images to remember the day is the icing on the cake! It was such a pleasure to be a part of this day…beautiful couple that will have a very long and happy life together. Thank you for the sparkle!

  10. AMAZINNNGGG – the photos are just as hot as the coulpe! love them (the pix) and them (the couple) and heck love them (the photographers) as well 😉
    Carolyn you looked awesome and i love the Manolos!! and special shout out to ALyane–she always looks professional in these pics 🙂

  11. wow, what a place to have it at… the church was insane looking and the reception was crazy also. got some real good photos on this one.

  12. I’m no longer the silent blog stalker !! The pictures are perfect – Joe your the best. Dominick & Carolyn look awesome – you can see just how happy they really are. Kris Ann is amazing, everything looked great ! I almost forgot how much fun I had at the wedding until I saw the photo booth pics 🙂

  13. So awesome!!!!!!! 🙂 I love the black and white theme, I love the ring shot, and I LOVE the happy beautiful faces of the bride and groom! Congrats guys, I know you guys were so stoked to shoot this one, and the images are fantastic!!! Lucked out with the weather, guys, it was about 20 degrees colder just two days prior! ha!!!!

    Hope Napa is amazing!!!! Congrats on a beaaaautiful wedding!!

  14. Wow….. we don’t even know what to say. The images are fantastic and we can’t wait to see the rest of them. You and your pops really out did yourselves. We can not even begin to thank you for the incredible job you did!

    The Purnomos


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