Cassandra & Charles’ Lake Placid Engagement Photos

YES!! The first of many engagement session of 2015 is officially on the blog! Did we freeze? Nope! Lake Placid was not bad at all. It was cold no doubt but these two definitely made it hot. The whole shoot took place on or around Mirror Lake. One of many highlights for me would have to be the sled dogs. Nothing says winter like that. This was just an awesome shoot all around!  To say I had a blast with these two would be an understatement. They’re such a fun and laid back couple. I can not wait to get back up to Lake Placid this July for their wedding. I want to thank Cassandra and Charles for having me capture part 1 of their love story. So without any more chatter I present Cassandra & Charles’ Lake Placid engagement photos!!


Meet Cassandra and Charles.
Dressed appropriately for winter too!
Sled dogs!
these dogs are all business too.
What do you do on a frozen lake?
You skate..
after these images we headed inside to warm up a bit.
That view tho..
He know’s she loves him…
and she knows too.. so if you don’t know now you know.. 😉
this is easily the coziest engagement session I’ve ever shot… its awesome!
like if this doesn’t make you wanna go home right now and put some loungewear on I don’t know what will..
super cute.
might be my favorite from this portion of the shoot..
how cute are these two?????
and when the light got nice it was time to head back out!
working it like old pros..
love it
that view!
snow explosion on Charles dome!
man that light and color is so on point!!
and we’ll end as I do on every engagement session with my token “bling shot”
and the intense JP turnaround.
How they got there is not important but the fact that their in the snow shows how awesome this couple is. Love you guys! See ya soon!


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