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nola and other things..

OK peeps, I’m back in action! This past week I was in New Orleans for Imaging USA. I must say, I loved Nawlins! This is a must visit city and I’m so glad I decided to go. I was on the fence about going to Imaging this year because right now Kris Ann and I […]


where we at?

Where we at? Where we at? Where we AT!? Ok so this is the time of year where things happen. From bridal shows to trade shows we’re all over the place. Lets start with January… January 15,16 & 17th I’ll be hanging at IMAGING USA in New Orleans! I’m stoked for this trip because I’ve […]


wow, 5 years of blogging

Today marks the beginning of my 6th year of blogging. Over the past 5 years I’ve blogged over 470 blog posts, received over 5000 comments and had just over 1.2 million viewers. I can’t believe it. My father always says “you’ve created a monster” and I guess I have. Shooting is fun and easy to […]


fall sessions (october) + the “i do dash”

I know, I know. How can one think about fall in the beginning of August? Well I’ll tell you. My calendar is already filling up for September. We have 7 weddings in September which makes that month limited for engagement sessions and what not so if any of my brides and grooms are considering an […]

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