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Jessica AKA Fit Mama 4 Life

I’m excited to share something a little different on the blog. First off this shoot was fun for me. Secondly, I love showing my range as a photographer. It’s not just weddings and lovely dovey images in my bag of tricks! So a while back 2010 Elario alumni, Jessica Oliva contacted me with a need […]


behind the scenes from 2014

Welcome to my 7th annual behind the scenes blog post!! This is my favorite of all blogs I publish every year! I love sharing all the fun that goes into what we do, so lets get into it..


Julie & Kevin’s Albany Anniversary Photos

Julie Johnson in the house!!! Yeah thats right if you visit my blog and read the comments you all know Julie Johnson! Julie and Kevin are “Elario Alumni” from the 2013 season. I shot their engagement photos as well as their wedding last year. A while back Julie emailed me asking to do an anniversary […]


677 Prime

I’ve been sitting on this blog for months knowing I would have some downtime in July and thought I’d save it for then. We actually shot these images way back in April. Mazzone Hospitality approached us back in the winter with a need for food and atmosphere images of their restaurant “Angelo’s 677 Prime” in […]

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