A little history here. I get an email from Travis, an Australian living in London, on February 15th telling me he was taking his girlfriend, Sandy to NYC for her birthday. He goes on to tell me on her birthday (February 20th) he would like to propose to her in Central Park. He found me from the last one I shot in Central Park. So we chatted on the phone and worked out all the logistics. On February 20th I was on the train down to the city to capture something amazing. Did I mention is was COLD?!? The wind was brutal. Luckily when we got into the park the wind died down. The session began like any portrait session would and we shot here and there before getting to the spot. I told Travis I wanted the proposal to take place in “the mall” in Central Park. I shot there this past summer and thought it would be a sweet place for this. When we got to the actual mall where the fountain is I suspected, Travis, would be nervous but he was cool, calm and collect. Then came the time the code phrase if you will. I said I’d say something like “this is such a beautiful spot in the park” and really talk it up. That was the cue. Travis then said a little something to Sandy before dropping down on one knee and presenting the bling. She was so surprised and never suspected anything! I was relived because I got the photo and could now breath normally again. We then continued on with our session.

Travis, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part in such a big event in your life! I could not be happier for you and Sandy and I’m stoked you found me all the way from London! Just remember when its time to tie the knot Elario Photography would love to be there 😉 Thank you and congrats!

Peace, or as you say “cheers!”

Meet Sandy and Travis a couple who’s been dating for 5 years.

Love the classic spots in Central Park.

“Go climb up on that rock over there”

We’re now in the mall and Sandy has no clue whats about to happen!

Here it is!!!

I love this image!!

and here is the first “bling shot

As I mentioned, we continued on..

Work out that Elario Configuration.


and last but not least the official “bling shot”


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  1. Aw! I had a surprise proposal in central park! In almost the exact same spot. My ring was on a little tugboat in the water. Great shots!

  2. Love surprise proposals! Man, he looked cool as a cucumber! Didn't look nervous at all! Love seeing these 🙂

  3. So happy for you Sandy Rai! This is like an beautiful fairytale! Congratulations to the both of you; Travis, you did amazingly well! Def a keeper!

  4. Love this, congrats to the couple! I can totally see the Elario images from London now! How amazing would that be!

  5. Beauty as usual JP. If I ever get married, I'd want you. I am old now and the likelihood is slim, but I hope to hire you someday.