central park surprise proposal with cory & jackie

I’m just stoked to be sharing this with you all. It’s not often I get to capture something so special as a surprise proposal! On top of that in New York City and on top of that in Central Park of all places. It’s like the perfect scenario. Watching this couple brought me back to when I proposed to my wife. It’s one of those moments that unless you experienced it I just can’t describe. So I’ll try to let my images do that for you.

This all started in mid September when I received an email from Cory. Cory’s from Texas and had planned to vacation with his girlfriend Jackie from Oklahoma in NYC the weekend before Christmas. In his email he said he was looking for a photographer to capture his surprise proposal. He wanted to try it on the ice at Rockefeller Center however he stated he is a terrible skater. What he was sure about in his email was having a professional capture the proposal would mean the world to Jackie. After I read the email I was hoping I would be the lucky photographer to capture this all. I simply responded to the email telling Cory that Rockefeller Center was absolutely insane that time of year and I had another idea for making this work. We chatted and came up with an idea that I was a NYC people photographer who captures tourists on vacation(lol). He would tell Jackie that he hired a photographer to take some holiday photos of them in Central Park. Little did I know Jackie had no clue about this until she shook my hand. I’ll never forget the “and who are you?” look she had on her face when we met. It was pretty funny. All Cory told her was he got her a gift and she needed to dress nice because they were going to do their gift. After I met up with these two we started taking pics. Earlier that morning I scouted out Central Park and found the spot I wanted the proposal to go down at. I treated this as a portrait session of course with my style sprinkled in. We worked our way into the park and as we approached the spot I have to admit I was a little nervous. What if someone walked into the frame or the light was bad? You know those type of concerns. Since it was cold throughout the whole shoot they had gloves on. When we arrived at the spot I was like “let’s loose the gloves for this one.” Although that wasn’t “the code” I think Cory knew it was coming.  My code was basically to say “I think this is the most beautiful spot in all of Central Park.” When I said that without skipping a beat Cory’s right hand went into his pocket as he got down on bended knee and for that moment in time they were the only two people in Central Park. I have to say it was simply incredible to document this. Jackie had no clue! He reaction was just perfect. After the proposal went down a small crowd watching behind us applauded. I’m sure not only will Jackie and Cory share this story during the holidays but all the people who watched on will share it too. As Jackie stared at her new bling we continued to shoot a little more. Yes it was still cold but those gloves never covered Jackie’s hands again.

I can’t thank Cory enough for having me document this. I know he put a lot of research into this and I’m just thrilled I was the one who witnessed it thru my lens. As for you both, congratulations! Enjoy this special time in your lives. Being engaged is almost as fun as being married. Oh and if you want me to head to Texas or Oklahoma or wherever to shoot the wedding you just let me know 😉


Meet Cory and his then girlfriend Jackie..

We’re now in the park.

There’s something timeless about a b&w in Central Park..

There are all these great arches and tunnels in the park. It’s really an amazing place.

I just love this one.

this one too I love.

I can only wonder what they’re both thinking. Cory: “You have no clue I’m going to propose.”  Jackie: “Thanks for this spontaneous photo session.”

Ok so this is the spot. You see I had them take their gloves off? As I’m shooting this image I’m now saying the code: “I think this is the most beautiful spot in all of Central Park.”…

Yup… wait it gets better.

You can’t fake emotions like this.. insert tissue here.

She literately fell to her knees..

and said yes..

Then realized I was in on it too!

Without me even saying anything she did the “bling shot”!  You’d think she followed my blog?

We kept on shooting.. Ladies, after you get that ring the way you take pictures changes huh?

Classic Central Park.

She can’t stop staring at her ring. It was so cute.

I really love this one. Can we all agree that Cory looks totally relaxed/relieved here?

Another favorite of mine.

Just fantastic.

Christmas came early for these two. Here is my official “bling shot”! Congrats you two!!

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