chelsea and shawn’s downtown engagement session

Ok! It’s time for an engagement session. This one features our November 12th 2011 bride and groom, Chelsea and Shawn. We shot in downtown Albany, I say it every time I blog a something from downtown but I love shooting here! It’s just one of those locations I’m so comfortable shooting in. But how could I miss with these two? Seriously? Anyway Chelsea and Shawn are just an awesome couple. It’s easy to like them since they’re just cool. I can’t wait for 11/12/11. Holler!
Meet Chelsea and Shawn..
Ah my favorite downtown pattern..
while we’re on patterns..
Give me that good light.. I love..
Like I said, I love it.
I started to shoot at this location back in May of 2010. It’s my favorite spot in all of Albany. I’ll continue to bring couples up to this gem of a location I found… 😉
Isn’t Albany beautiful?
Speaking of beautiful…
I applaud outfit #1 for these two. I love the way she compliments Shawn’s blue shirt.
The Elario Configuration..
They both have awesome eyes and it makes me jealous..
Onto the second set..
Another one of my favorite locations..
My facebook teaser.. I love this image.
Whats so funny guys?
A couple more b&w’s..
Yeah, there is a small “field” in downtown Albany..
Winding down..
with my token “bling shot”…. I bet Chelsea practiced 😉
One more.. I must say my curls were on point 😉 I’m totally kidding..

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