Ok! It’s time for an engagement session. This one features our November 12th 2011 bride and groom, Chelsea and Shawn. We shot in downtown Albany, I say it every time I blog a something from downtown but I love shooting here! It’s just one of those locations I’m so comfortable shooting in. But how could I miss with these two? Seriously? Anyway Chelsea and Shawn are just an awesome couple. It’s easy to like them since they’re just cool. I can’t wait for 11/12/11. Holler!
Meet Chelsea and Shawn..
Ah my favorite downtown pattern..
while we’re on patterns..
Give me that good light.. I love..
Like I said, I love it.
I started to shoot at this location back in May of 2010. It’s my favorite spot in all of Albany. I’ll continue to bring couples up to this gem of a location I found… 😉
Isn’t Albany beautiful?
Speaking of beautiful…
I applaud outfit #1 for these two. I love the way she compliments Shawn’s blue shirt.
The Elario Configuration..
They both have awesome eyes and it makes me jealous..
Onto the second set..
Another one of my favorite locations..
My facebook teaser.. I love this image.
Whats so funny guys?
A couple more b&w’s..
Yeah, there is a small “field” in downtown Albany..
Winding down..
with my token “bling shot”…. I bet Chelsea practiced 😉
One more.. I must say my curls were on point 😉 I’m totally kidding..

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  1. Love me a downtown Albany shot 🙂 I always love the little square pattern – ahhh memories of our engagement session. Still, looks familiar but always fresh 🙂
    Love Chelsea and Shawn’s outfit – chelsea’s shirt looks so perfect with her coloring really!!!! And all the shots with the light are beautiful. I REALLY love that CRISP one after the outfit change. The colors and subjects just jump right out at you. The second outfits are great too 🙂 Notice how his tie kinda goes with HER shoes? Yes, I noticed that 🙂 You two are a very good looking couple, and look like you’re having a lot of fun with this shoot 🙂 No doubt November will be awesome. As a november bride, I’m a bit biased 🙂

    OH and love the shots against that bright greenish door thing. 🙂 And of course, JP you hamming it up with them. Now, don’t be jealous of their beautiful eyes (although yes, they both have beautiful beautiful eyes), because brown eyes are beautiful too!!! (Again, maybe I’m biased being a brown eyed girl married to a brown eyed guy) 🙂

    Seriously though, these are fun, stylish, very cool 🙂 Congrats! November is right around the corner!

  2. UHHH I didn’t realize how beautiful you guys are until I saw these 😉 LOVE YOU! CONGRATULATIONS!! SO GLAD JOE ELARIO’S IS DOING YOUR WEDDING TOO!!!!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these JP…. you are outta control with a camera in your hands! I can’t wait to see the rest. Shawny love’s the “Elario configuration” he said he doesn’t look like a jackwagon. This just got me so excited to marry my Boobers!! (you know why)

  4. Chelsea & Shawn, you both look amazing! Who would have thought the little blonde in 3rd grade with pigtails and no teeth would be a supermodel!?? Kidding…I love you guys so much and can’t wait until 11.12.11!!!!! Amazing, AMAZING photos and I can’t wait to see more of them after the big day!!!!

  5. Great shoot…. Love the light in the shots. Fav is def the teaser! Have fun at the wedding… congrats guys!

  6. i love the end shot, LOL 🙂 what a fantabulous couple… love the outfits, the lighting, your backgrounds, …bling shot, well done! (both by the model and the photographer!)
    love the love they’ve got for each other showing up through the session 🙂 another great job, JP!!!

  7. These were awesome! Beautiful day downtown for beauitful photos! The teaser is my favorite and the torquoise door is sick!!

  8. Love the color vibe of this shoot. Clean, clear and under control, the way you always do it! A hot blonde always helps the situation too 😉 Nice work JP