chelsea & shawn: glen sanders mansion

I can’t believe the wedding season is winding down! Actually, I can. Haha. Its cold out and the light is dropping with the quickness which means we’re coming to an end for 2011. Now this is not the last wedding of 2011. We actually have 3 more to go until our cameras hit the shelves and we recharge. I will say we’re still getting lucky with these November weddings though, aside from the shorter daylight the temperatures been somewhat tolerable. I’m pretty excited to share Chelsea and Shawns wedding with you all today so sit back and relax because its time for a pretty wedding!

November 12th 2011 was great. Like I said, we had a nice day to take pics. It was a little chilly but it could have been colder! When I arrived at Chelsea’s sister and brothers home where she was getting ready all I could do was laugh. She was sitting there in the Flawless By Tina chair with headphones in. She was completely in her own world relaxing and enjoying some tunes while the madness of bridesmaids, children and lots of perfume in the air was happening. I think I was in the room shooting for like 5 minutes before she even realized I was there. Talk about zoning out! Anyway after all that we headed outside for some pics! Then it was off to downtown Albany to meet up with Shawn and his peeps. Minutes later Chelsea arrived and we had ourselves a first look! We battled the daylight and managed to do our thing down there and capture some really beautiful images of these two, their bridal party and families. After that we all headed to The Glen Sanders Mansion where Chelsea’s grandfather was waiting to marry them. I remember one of the first things she said to me is that her 92 year old grandfather was bound and determined to marry them. He did and it was awesome. Another thing Chelsea said to me during the planning process was “who was that videographer who shot Natalie’s wedding? Because we want him. In fact, we want the Natalie package.” That videographer was of course who other than Al Woodard. There was one other vendor that made this wedding a fun time and that was DJ Vinny Commisso of Non Stop Music. The party was a jump off from the moment they entered the ballroom. I mean who enters their wedding to Method Man and Mary J’s All I Need? Chelsea and Shawn, thats who. I had a blast with these guys from the start. Shooting their engagement session was a blast and their wedding lived up to the hype. We can’t thank you both enough for the love and having us on your bomb roster for 11.12.11. I hope you’re enjoying honeymoon #1 in Key West! As I always say we got nothing but love for you, baby.


You remember their engagement session with the sick light right?

Now we’re onto 11.12.11… I’m digging this weeks shoe shot..

I told you she was straight up listening to her own music. Too funny.. Β Do I have to mention who’s there doing her makeup? You make it easy for me not to have to write the business name in my blog posts, Tina.

Too many pretty girls in one room..

All the girls signed her shoes.. thought this was cool.

I love this one especially with the pic of a young Chelsea and her late Mother, Pamela.

Hair by Joel Averill (like Averill Park πŸ˜‰ from Ania Hair Studio & Spa..

A proud father…

Chelsea, you be killin em.

Flowers by Anthology Studio.

Too photogenic..

Hey ladies!

love this one..

Shawn and the boys..

First look..

He loves what he see’s (duh)

After their first look I quickly brought them across the street and capitalized on the quickly dropping daylight.

Ah yeah!

If you even need a pointer on how to nail the Elario configuration its here…

and their engagement session

Who would have thought there still would be color on November 12??


I love this too!

Watch out now..

Ok this bridal party shot was fun. It was pretty cold but we managed to knock it out.. Love all those cute kids!

How awesome is this car?!?!? This image was my facebook teaser.

a little bit of a wider view.. how awesome?


So pretty..

Ok one more.. now its time to get them married.

Moments before Dad walked Chelsea down the aisle.

As I mentioned in my writeup Chelsea’s 92 year old grandfather Joe married them. He was awesome!

An emotional candle lighting in honor of Chelsea’s Mother, Pamela.

Mr & Mrs..

The Glen Sanders Ballroom by Anthology Studio

Love this somewhat behind the scenes shot of their entrance. Right now all I can hear is Mary J “Like sweet morning dew…”

this is how you make a damn entrance!

still their entrance!

Its only fair I give props to their best man Josh for his funny toast. I hear a lot of toasts and Josh freaking nailed it.

After dinner Chelsea had a hair change and they danced all damn night! What a party!

Oh and the Elario Photo Booth was in full swing too. Thanks for holding it down Hayden!


That best man Josh sure is fresh though.. πŸ˜‰


Congrats you two!!!!!!!!

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