christina & brian’s albany engagement session

I’m amazed on how late the foliage has stuck around this year. When Brian contacted me about shooting his and Christina’s engagement session I thought that the color would be gone. Boy was I wrong! It must have something to do with all that whacky weather we’ve had this year. When planning this session Brian reached out to me and I had to say I wasn’t available due to a super busy October. Boy he was persistent! They were only in town for a short while and tried so many ways to get me to shoot this. I even got a message from a mutual friend on facebook to see if I can find an open spot. Brian and Christina, you owe Peter a drink! Anyway after Peter’s email, I had October 31st open so that ended up being the day! Thank god it was nice out because I really didn’t have any other open spots! If it was going to rain, I would have shot this in the rain. I must say I had a great time photographing these two. It’s a damn shame I won’t be shooting their California wedding next July 🙁 but at least I was able to capture these for them! If you guys change you date let me know 😉 Seriously, thank you both for choosing me for this session. Congrats on the bling and upcoming nuptials next summer!!


Meet Christina and Brian..

The color was awesome!

I still can’t get over the color in late October!

When I pulled into Washington Park and saw this floor of yellow I knew this would be a great spot..

so we hangout there for a little bit..

I like this one..

The Elario configuration looking good!

Christina’s hair and makeup looking NICE by Polina

I liked this spot too..

and this one…

Ok one more in the classic Washington Park path… ps.. Can the city of Albany loose the bright blue trash cans?

Outfit #2… can’t go wrong in red..

Albany is full of AWESOME spots.. here’s a new one for you..

So pretty..

That red dress screams!

My favorite from the whole session..

I love this one too.. I’ve been shooting at this spot for many years, I just love this vantage point..

ok.. I’m jealous I’m not shooting your wedding 🙁

Another classic Albany location..

we’ll end with my token “bling shot”

Ok one more bling shot because this one makes me laugh.

and of course the turnaround.. Thanks again and congrats to you both!!

next one

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