christina & claudio: hall of springs

So I think we started 2009 off with a bang. This wedding is a perfect example of what winter weddings should be. Winter weddings are fun to shoot because of the snow and I love when the snow cooperates and comes at the right time. We had a pleasure working with Christina & Claudio. They are no strangers to us seeing that we’ve worked with this whole crew at different weddings millions of times. That’s what referrals are all about and we appreciate you all keeping us busy.

The day was really nice, Christina and Claudio decided they wanted to see each other before they walked down the aisle. I say this a lot but I’m a big fan of this. I don’t twist arm’s for it but always recommend seeing each other before the ceremony if it’s an option for your day. It’s a great idea for the short dark days during the wedding season. So we headed over the Avenue of the Pines, which looks spectacular 365 days a year if you ask me. It was quiet cold outside but if their game I’m game. I’ll do anything to give our clients good images. That’s just how I roll. The ceremony looked great and Experience and Creative Design did a nice job as well. The snow started around 7:30 and put no damper on this party. Our friend Music Man Mike Garrasi had the party locked down all night. It was nice setting 2009 off on a high note.



Great light in the hotel room.


Claudio gave Christina a nice card.


I love this shot of the guys.


Big Joe’s view of their first look.


& mine.










The 5D Mark II is awesome, especially with a 200 1.8 (sorry a little camera lingo for my photo readers)



The uplighting on the crystal trees was a nice touch.


Shot the first dance available light with the 200 1.8 on the 5D. Of course the videographer supplied enough light 😉



This one here’s real special. From the left, Big Joe (duh), Luigi & Jen (7/06), Claudio & Christina(1/09), Yours truly JP, Giuseppe & Heather(7/08) & upcoming bride & groom Mariesa & Mike (9/09). All clients all friends. Thanks guys.

And then it snowed…



love this one.

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