Saturday September 17, 2011 was Christine and Dan’s big day! It was a great day too. We set things off early in Saratoga at the hotel. Christina’s bridesmaids were all set and ready to rock while Christine was getting her finishing touches from Michelle from Salon 7 and makeup artist Michelle Johnson. Videographer Justin Mayer was in the house as well. Once I captured Christine in her gown we were off to St John the Evanglist church. I love shooting weddings in this place. How could you not? It’s one of this area’s most beautiful churches. After a long receiving line we headed up to Congress Park for some photos and a wedding. This was nothing new since I shot their engagement session in the park just last April. By the time we were done with photos cocktail hour was slated to begin 5 minutes later. So with a little gap between their ceremony and cocktails we were able to get all the photos done so Christine and Dan didn’t miss a beat. The party was now in the hands of Emily Bruce from Classe Catering and the Grand Central Station Band. They all partied like rockstars at Christine and Dan’s wedding. To you both, thank you sooooo much for choosing us to document this day. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your families and we can’t thank you enough. Now, lets get into this blog post!!!


You all remember them from their engagement session.

Some beautiful rings..

and Manolo’s

and of course the further last name hanger completes a bridal suite.

Christine getting pampered as all brides should.

Christine and her two closest ladies, Mom and sister Danielle.

Perfection right here.. what poise!

a couple more..

St John the Evangelist and Dan..

the fellas..

I love this one..

Photographing a bride and her father minutes before the ceremony is my favorite thing to shoot, it’s nothing new to me but when I took this image it actually almost brought tears to my eyes. What a powerful moment between Christine and her father Bill. I am so glad I was able to capture this, it’s hands down my favorite image from the whole day.

Seriously this church is incredible..

I love this shot Big Joe snagged…

Mr & Mrs..

Great looking shot of a beautiful bridal party right here.. there is a future Elario bride in there. 80-something days to go..

Hey ladies..


I love this portrait of you Christine.

A nice little Elario configuration..

I like when a groom cant help but cuddle his bride as they walk..


It was an overcast day for the most part but the light decided to come out when needed..

Remember this one?

Well we did it again only behind me went “whoop whoop” from an undercover cop car with a man inside who I could only assume didn’t believe in love. I still got the shot officer grumpy. 😉

The Historic Canfield Casino Ballroom.
My facebook teaser. I love this one.

This means it’s party time!

first dance..

We’ll end with the cake shot! Love you guys!

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  1. Thank you for capturing these beautiful images of our Christine and Dan. We go back and quietly remember this magical day that was just the beginning of a wonderful lifetime together for two very special people.

  2. Yep… that father-daughter one brought tears to my eyes. So so touching. I loved it, you can’t help but feel the emotion there. Likewise, there’s Dan at the end of the aisle just admiring Christine as she approaches, and she glows right back at him. so amazing. And both Mr. and Mrs. shots are awesome. You can’t help but love that first glow of a couple walking hand in hand as husband and wife. <3
    The church… is incredible. I always love the new shots you guys get from inside and out.
    Also… while we're on the topic of hot shots – way to get "whoop whooped" at 😉 I bet he thought he could startle you. Ha ha!
    So onto Christine first – what. a. beauty! All you brides are so gorgeous, I can never get over it! The dress is great on you – the shoes are hot – and all the girls look fabulous too.
    You two look amazing in every shot.
    The Canfield is amazing looking – every now and then you get the stained glass glowing just perfectly. This is one of those times – and the uplighting looks great along with it too.

    This is overall just a very beautiful beautiful wedding. 🙂 Congratulations guys!!!! 🙂

  3. wow, so many favorites in this blog post! the one with her dad is of course touching, also love the one on the bench labeled “fun,” and the portrait that jp loves of christine is stunning!

  4. Congratulations Christine.
    The pictures turned out amazing (In typical Elario style) and you looked absolutely gorgeous.
    Hope you guys had the perfect day.

  5. Absolutely amazing photos!!! Christine, you look stunning! The shot of you in the limo is fantastic. Congratulations Beanie and Dan!! JP and Joe, you truly captured the emotion of their wedding day! See you in 80 days 😉 Can’t wait!

  6. The B+W photo of the bride, in the limo, looks like a scene from some famous classic European movie. Really beautiful. A great couple to photograph.

  7. I don’t think anyone will disagree… that father/daughter is probably the best one I’ve EVER seen!! It brought tears to my eyes! The b&w ones on the bench are also favorites of mine! And I’m so glad the sun came out for those images in the park too ! Congrats Christine & Dan!! Jp, Big Joe… outstanding as always! 🙂

  8. Love the father/daughter shot!! And the bridal party shoes were a sweet touch 😉 the photos def capture the emotions of the day…another fantastic wedding documented, JP 🙂


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