On October 7th 2012 we found ourselves at the Glen Sanders Mansion for Christine and Tom’s wedding!! Anyone who knows these two know that all they do is smile and laugh. Seriously that was the vibe all day!! We set the day off at the mansion where Christine and crew were all set and ready in their blue dresses. We headed outside and although it was a little chilly we did our thing in a timely manor. They had their first look and then we moved all around the building and captured some sweet shots of the couple. Cut to ceremony time. It was 6:30pm which was technically six minutes after sunset. Yup, this was a dark one to shoot for sure but with incredible lenses and high ISO’s we’re always down for the challenge!  Anyway, they tied the knot and it was officially party time! Thanks to Chris at Hollister Entertainment for keeping the party hopping all night! This wedding was a blast! Christine and Tom, you guys must continue to make each other laugh for years to come! Thanks so much for having us capture this special day!!



Here’s one from their engagement session earlier in the year.

the gown.

The bling.

getting ready with her sister.

so cute.

Look at all that color!

and some fine looking ladies too!

So pretty.

Tom and the fellas..

1st look..

Always laughing!

The grounds of the mansion always work great for photos.


my facebook teaser image.

another fun one.

I love this scene.

Christine, cracks me up

I love shooting against the white wall. So simple.

One more..

Ceremony time!

It was a lot darker than it looks.

Mr & Mrs..

This is how you enter a party!

1st dance.

Congrats you two!!

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  1. Really JP you capture the beauty of every bride and the wonder of everything that surrounds every couple. Well I know I’m not suppose to be partial but we really connected. Christine is breathtaking on any given day and always has that gleam in her eyes but just so much more on the wedding day. Tom and his guys were great one of my favorite parties. The irony of my genuine comment about Christine’s eyes is that Tom is my new optician.

  2. Love Christine wiping a little tear during the first look! Great pics outside of GSM. Adorable getting ready shots, and MAN! For the fact that early in the ceremony you said it was darker than it looked, later looked even darker! Way to make that work, as usual!!! Beautiful, fun, touching… congrats!

  3. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful couple! Great job JP and Joe, as always, and congrats again Christine and Tom!

  4. Christine, you looked so amazing in your gown! We wish you & Tom all the best. It was a pleasure working with you, your bridesmaids and your family. Congratulations!

  5. Omg I love them! I knew I could count on you 🙂 thanks so much for taking such wonderful pic… ESP in the dark!

  6. Absolutely stunning! The colors were gorgeous and the ceremony shots were so romantic. Congrats and best wishes!!!!!


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