Last week I caught up with our October 7th 2012 couple, Christine and Tom! You local people might know Tom or Tommy if you will. His family has owned Hughes Opticians forever and Tom also has his company Tommy Shades. Now, I’m not doing an infomercial here but if you wear frames or are looking some hot shades these are the places to go in the area. They have the exclusive lines no one else carries.. Anyway, Christine and I threw so many locations out there for engagement sessions until we figured out a spot. This location is a family friend of Tom’s and couldn’t have been more perfect or unique! I easily could have shot there for another hour because there were so many places I kept discovering. So with that, I present Christine and Tom’s engagement session. You guys are both super fun and easy to photograph which makes me that much more excited for your upcoming wedding! Thanks again!


Meet Christine and Tom.. How sweet is the location of this first image?

It was only right we took one image in shades! I mean come on, he is “Tommy Shades” for crying out loud!

Ah.. this is one of my favorites from the first set..

An Elario configuration..

You know my favorite color is yellow. I could not resist this spot..

If you follow me on instagram (jpelario) you would have seen my instapeek of this..

A change of clothes..

A couple b&w’s

If you invite this thing on the right to the wedding please don’t sit him at the vendor table with us 😉

Watch out now, pretty girl alert!

love this one..

my facebook teaser. I love all the texture in this..

It’s really an amazing backdrop.

Sweet tree and swing… couldn’t pass it up.

winding down here..

and the token “bling shot”

and the turnaround. we had to throw on the shades! thanks again guys, see you soon!!!

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  1. I loved the photo’s of Tom and Christine Hughes. Those pics capture the love they have for each other…GREAT JOB !

  2. Ahhh I love the yellow and the dark barn wood backdrops! Great spot?{I used to ride goats when I was little, they’re harmless}

  3. . . Christine and Tom . . pure hotness , great location . Thanks for going w/Elario Photography Inc.

  4. Love love LOVE! They are wonderful! We had so much fun. And esp love how the ram like animal got in the spot light! Thanks again JP 🙂

  5. Gorgeous images! And I love it when couples choose a unique location for their engagement shoot!! Lots of favorites in this blog — the fence one with the yellow forsythias, the facebook teaser in front of the brown barn, the one with the tree and the swing! Awesome!! 🙂

  6. Ooooh new location!!! I love this!!! The texture of that barn is crazy cool! And the yellow… awesome.

    I love the color of Christine’s outfit, and then the second… HELLO! Holy LDB!! Very cute! You guys look great together, very nicely coordinated. Very cute blue nails for the bling shot 😀 Great shot with the shades. My fave shots… the one after “pretty girl alert” where she looks adorably cute grinning while Tom kisses her, and the barn ones! Oh amazing. Oh and the swing 🙂

    great new place. 🙂 Excited to see october! (foliage!)

    BTW “Instapeek”. Very cute 🙂 You should call instagram friends your insta-stalkers 🙂 Nice work.