Hey friends! This blog is a fun one for me since Amanda and I go way back. We first met in junior high at Hackett Middle School! Years later Amanda used to assist us on many weddings. I think maybe 2 seasons Amanda helped us out. Well now she’s a big deal photographer in NYC. One of her biggest accomplishments is shooting a cookbook for The Gotham Bar and Grill! I believe her and Jason met in NYC and really the rest is history. Amanda and Jason wanted me to capture their wedding portraits since I was unable to capture their wedding day itself (which was 8/15/15). Anyway we caught up earlier that week in Schenectady and had some fun with the camera. It’s always a challenge when you have another photographer in front of your lens so I must say I am honored and flattered to have shot these for Amanda and Jason! Thank you both for having me! Congrats on your wedding, I cannot wait to see pictures from the big day. Keep smiling.

We had to have a first look..

How about that gown? I loved the colors and how Jason complimented it.

Gotta love those rose gardens in Central Park.

Another amazing little spot to insert these two..

How perfect is this?

another fav!

So pretty, Amanda!

Swagger down to the embroidery..

When I go gray I want to look this awesome. Amanda has amazing hair!

Loving the colors..

and the gown had pockets! bonus points!!

So pretty..

We then headed into the Stockade area and switched things up a little..

loving them pants, Jason!

aaaaaahhhhhh that light doe..

werk it.

Rocking vintage and looking stunning..

Love the texture here..

A little turnaround too! Thanks again, guys!!


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