congrats to corinne & jim

Corinne & Jim got married at one of our all time favorite locations, The Sagamore on Lake George. An awesome day to say the least, thankfully the weather was sweet and the wind gods from Cheryl & Anders wedding were no where to be found. A thank you goes out to Amanda Gentile who tagged along and helped us out this past Saturday. I forget the name of the band we worked with but they rocked for sure. One last thing, this day wouldn’t be complete until I got a shot of Corrine & Jim holding my father’s and my iPhone. (yeah we got them, were gadget freaks) Surrounding all the hype it was a must get shot!

EDIT: The bands name is Craig Scott Entertainment – New Jersey – Manhattan – Westchester

Enjoy & comment-

amanda & myself (yeah I'm playing with my iPhone) the guys Mmmm mojitos! Corrine & Jim holding my father's and my iPhone (can you guess which one's mine?)

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a beautiful day in saratoga springs