congrats to melissa & tim

So I hope you all enjoyed that little video in the post below but now its back to the official blog. Melissa & Tim we’re all about photos & getting good photos which is what we’re all about, with that combo you can’t go wrong. We get really excited going to a wedding when we know the couple is really into photography and what we do, it pumps us up. We’re thrilled with the outcome of their photos and this is just the beginning, putting a book together for Melissa & Tim with all these great shots to choose from becomes our all of our couples biggest task’s, bigger than creating seating carts for their reception!

The mass was at St Thomas in Delmar, NY. Melissa & Tim chose a 2:30pm mass which is probably the best time of day in October if not the year to get married. I say this because you still have that great fall light waiting for you as you exit the church. Then it was off to a few spots in Albany for some bride and groom portraits. Melissa & Tim we’re a fun and easy couple to work with and we enjoyed the company of their bridal party and parents.

Enjoy, leave love, peace –

Yellows my all time favorite color, this room was great!


This shot has all the elements going on, great light, a mother, a sister. You just can’t stage this stuff!


Dad was pretty excited as you can see…


Remember where you saw it first.


Melissa’s sister Maureen, beautiful voice. I wish you could hear my images…







Here I am enjoying a laugh with Melissa & Tim






The light on the left was as good as it gets.


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