courtney & jeff: an albany engagement session

It’s been a while since I’ve shot an engagement session in downtown Albany but I always enjoy this piece of canvas. It really is awesome having this city right in my backyard. So Courtney & Jeff are currently living in Boston (sorry about the last four days, go yanks) and are down to the wire for their September 6th wedding. Courtney & Jeff hired us pretty much over the internet and a phone call with out ever coming in which is what a lot of our clients do since everyone seems to be out of town. So this engagement session was the first time I’ve ever met them. We always love meeting our clients if we can but now we have this enagagement session under our belts come September 6th we’ll be best buds ;). Downtown Albany couldn’t have been better too. The locations we shot in and the light we were given was awesome. I’m stoked to share this one with ya’ll. Happy Monday!

Enjoy, leave love,

Parking lots rock.

A nice detail of e beautiful ring.

One of the last cobblestone streets in Albany.

While shooting the image on the left I noticed the image on the right and pounced on it.

For the photo buffs, the next three images are three different lenses against my favorite color. My 50mm 1.2L.

Ran across the street and busted out the 200mm 1.8L. Love the compression. This is my favorite image from the first set also.

Last but not least the 24mm 1.4L.

The good good light peaked out.

Just a nice little portrait.

A wardrobe change and we move to a higher location.

Look at this yummy golden light!

Easily my favorite of this second set.

Work it out Courtney haha!

When I was taking these pictures I was lying on my back on the hot pavement while this light washed everything in gold and I stopped shooting for like 5 seconds and said “I love my job!”. Seriously how cool is my job?

One more nice little portrait. This was literately the last second of the good good light.

So at that point I ended the shoot with what else but my token “bling shot”.

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