courtney & john, a chatham engagement session

Last Monday I caught up with a 2012 couple of ours Courtney and John. These two have an April 21, 2012 wedding coming up. Its might not seem it but April is right around the corner!! Anyway, Courtney asked if we could shoot in her hometown which is Chatham NY. You know I’m ALWAYS down to shoot in a different location! It’s a quaint little town and it has an older vibe to it. I really enjoyed shooting there. The second leg of the session was on the grounds of the Omi International Arts Center which is right around the corner in Ghent. It’s a pretty cool outdoor museum. It would be fun to take your dog for a walk and check out all the interesting art. It was a fun location to shoot at! I’m stoked to get to April 21st already so we can do this again! Courtney and John, thank you both! I had a fun time capturing the love! See ya soon!


Meet Courtney and John..

When I was in photo school, train tracks in b&w was the most popular image a college student could take.  Here’s my twist on it..

love this spot..

Isn’t Chatham pretty?

I love everything about this image.. my facebook teaser.

They even have the old theatre!

a little configuration..

Oh you fancy huh?

if we could back to the way things looked then but still have iPhones life would be good.

So cool!

Location #2 Art Omi (pronounced oh my).. peace symbol or bunny ears?

I love this one.

I loved this spot..

The light was nice..

Another cool one..

John thought is would be fun to be one with the art πŸ˜‰

love this shot and the color..

Vic-Vic-Vic Victoria!

and my token “bling shot”

Last Monday the Yankee’s were in the playoffs.. this Monday, not so much πŸ™ Thanks guys!!!!!!!

next one

meet the willcoxon’s…